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Intelligent Whole Home Automation

The sheer size of this property meant it really did require a very robust and user friendly smart home system. The Control4 system reaches out to 43 spaces around the property with over 200 channels of lighting circuits and 20 zones of entertainment, this is all connected up with over 11 kilometres of low voltage cabling.  

We really enjoyed being ask by the family members for their own customised programming scenarios and event notifications and of course due to Control4’s powerful automation programming everything was possible. One single scene includes over 30 circuits and the client is overwhelmed by the various ways Control4 can trigger the scene at home or away and also how easy it is to amend.  

Main Control4 Home Automation Kit

2 x Control4 HC-800 - 1 x Control4 I/O Extender - 12 x Control4 HC-250 - 12 x Control4 SR-260 - 1 x Control4 Door Station - 2 x Control4 10” Touch Screens - 3 x Control4 7” Portable Touch Screens - 3 x Control4 8 Zone Power Amp - 1 x Control4 16x16 Audio Matrix - 2 x Control4 Wireless Music Bridge - 12 x Control4 8 Channel Phase Dimmer - 5 x Control4 8 Channel Relay - 1 x Control4 0-10v Dimmer - 68 x Control4 Lighting & AV Keypads


I love the way everything is integrated and how easy it is to use on iPhone and iPads as well as the Control4 touch screens and remotes.

I do not know if I could live in a home without a Control4 system again. Michael, Client