Hidden Technology

Hidden Technology

Throughout our design phase we always provide options on AV to make it fit with interior design and be less intrusive as possible, however sometimes the next step is required to complete conceal and hide your televisions.

Televisions: Mechanical 

Hiding televisions in cabinets, beds and work tops is an easy way to conceal your screens with a simple mechanical bracket. Televisions can even flip from the ceiling. 

Televisions: Mirrored

Conceal your televisions right in your rooms with mirrored televisions. These television sets allow you to hide your screen behind a smart mirror finish and at the press of a button, your mirror changes into a television. 

You can even choose from a wide range of frames to suit your interior design. 

Hidden Speakers 

Completely hide your ceiling and wall speakers by plastering them in the wall. Hide any surface grills with a complete discreet solution that keeps the amazing sound performance. 

Speakers: Art 

Speaker installations can be completed with artisic covers from Artcousitc. You can completely transform the look of your room with 
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