Home Connectivity

Home Connectivity

Your Network and WiFi are the backbone to your home with the dependence for entertainment and work life and with growing products reliant on WiFi your home needs to be equipped. 

Secure, Professional Networks 

We design and install Network and WiFi solutions that work within your property, a vigorous design process taking into account the construction and materials used in the build, the interior design and uses of the network as well as future use. 

Reliable WiFi 

WiFi reliability is a big concern when building and renovating property and has to be calculated on a number of factors from the property size, materials, windows and right down to interior products such as mirrors. 

Bullet Proof Networks 

Networks need to be safe and secure, they are your online front door and vulnerable unless protected. When designing your network the necessary programming, setup & hardware to protect your home will be included. 

Remote Monitoring 

New Wave AV remotely support their systems to ensure full system health across your devices 24/7. We have a dedicated platform that allows us to monitor your devices and respond when there is an issue. 
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