Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

Integrated lighting solutions for the home, manage different lighting loads throughout the home, integrating into one platform with universal control.


LED's, Chandeliers and Lamps

Lighting can often make or break a space. Ensuring your rooms are perfectly lit with a combination of natural and artificial light will see your house come alive. 

New Wave AV can assist with the specification and design of lighting systems within a home right through to the control and integration. 

Energy Efficient 

Using lighting scenes, smart programming, sensors and timers to control your lights you can effectively reduce energy usage and more importantly energy waste. 

Having all your lights turn off at 3am if an way to completely shut off any forgotten lights without worrying about inconvenience. 

Feature Lighting

Using the LED lighting and colour strips in your interiors can illuminate features and add to the ambiance of a room. Using different colours your can change the mood of the room at the flick of a switch from bright greens to warm whites. 


Lighting completes any home cinema, whether thats Starscape ceilings, LED strips or spotlights. Sleek clean lighting creates the ambiance for film and can even interact with the movie with amBX.


Control your lighting from a host of devices. Including Remote Control, Keypad, Touch-panel, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Watch just to name a few. 

Click below to find out more about each interface. 


We work with vairous lighting system and lighting fixture manufacturers to deliver lighting projects

Case Studies 

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