Home automation

Our home automation services in Orpington include a range of systems, from lighting and audio-visual to window treatments, garage doors, electric gates, CCTV and alarm systems. When connected up, they improve comfort and convenience, making accessibility easier and enabling you to operate various functions from your sofa – or remotely via your mobile device.

By learning your habits, your system can turn lights on or off, open or close blinds and more, not only freeing you up for other things when you’re at home, but also providing a level of protection when you’re on holiday. And with easy operation via a host of devices – from your smartwatch to touchscreens installed on the walls of your home – it’s easy to change settings or adjust times as you wish.

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Window treatments

When combined with smart home automation, your motorised shading can be set up to automatically raise and lower at specific times of the day, even when you’re away. Not only does this help to reduce excess glare and heat gain, it also gives the impression that someone is at home when you’re on holiday, giving you added peace of mind.

A wide range of fabrics is available so you can choose the colours and textures that suit your property best. And with keypad interfaces that can be installed across your home, as well as remote operation from your mobile devices, you can control your blind levels wherever you are.

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Home connectivity

We rely on WiFi for effortless entertainment and, increasingly, for a seamless working experience. As such, wireless access points are becoming essential. At New Wave AV, we can install network and WiFi solutions to homes in Orpington, following a rigorous design process and with consideration towards present and future uses of the network.

Our solutions include the necessary hardware, programming and setup to ensure your home stays protected, and we’ll ensure reliable WiFi access throughout with careful calculations of the property size, materials and more. For your assurance, we also provide remote support to ensure full system health across your devices.

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Heating and Cooling

Whether you want an entirely new heating and cooling system installed, or integration with existing thermostats, we can make staying in control of your heating and cooling easy. With a centralised system and touchscreen interfaces, you can keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round – even when you’re away.

Smart thermostats learn and adapt to your property to ensure a constant ambient temperature, while our heating systems sync with your other smart features, such as lighting, blinds, and audio visual systems, to wake your home up just as you like it, ready for the new day.

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Security and Access

Security is vital to your feeling of safety, whether you’re at home or away on holiday. As such, we work hard to ensure all elements of your smart home are integrated with your security systems, giving you maximum protection against crime. While CCTV, intercoms and alarm systems can all work independently, combining them with a smart home system means the optimum standard of security and monitoring is delivered. Our 24/7 service offers full protection, sending notifications or whole-home scenes when required.

Our intercoms, cameras and sensors can all be viewed and operated via one interface. Lighting scenes, alarm sounds and more can also be triggered with our intelligent hardware.

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Audio visual installation in Orpington

Whether you want to watch the big match, listen to your favourite music or enjoy a unique gaming experience, we can provide a solution that’s exactly what you’re looking for – without an excess of hardware on show. Discover our audio visual services in Orpington today.

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Home Cinema

Your home cinema should provide something unique. Its dynamics and technical aspects should be set up to create a fully immersive experience, where you can enjoy films just the way the director intended. At New Wave AV, we love to create home cinemas, and carefully select everything from the projector and screen to the wallpapers and materials to deliver outstanding visual and audio quality.

Our experts provide a design that incorporates the very best technology, including Dolby Atmos surround sound, 4K video projection and more. You’ll have a choice of screens, room acoustic treatments and seating to finish the cinema ambience.

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Multi room audio visual

Enjoy media across your home with our discrete speakers and centralised systems. With our multi-room audio solutions, every member of the family can enjoy their own music whenever they choose, or you can create multiple zones of the same audio for a party atmosphere. We design and install systems that utilise contemporary streaming services alongside traditional sources such as record and CD players, enabling everyone to enjoy audio in their preferred way.

For those that want to dispense with visible games consoles, DVD players and other hardware, our multi-room visual systems are a fantastic solution. Tidy up unsightly devices and enjoy centralised entertainment for the whole family.

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Media Rooms

A media room is a great choice if you want the benefits of a home cinema experience but need the day-to-day functionality of a family living room. Fitted with discrete speakers and a television for everyday use, a media room transforms at the touch of a button to deliver an immersive cinema experience, with a drop down projector and screen.

You can also customise the room with additional functions, such as bespoke mood lighting and a sound system hidden behind artwork. As specialists in the design and installation of home media and smart systems, we at New Wave AV select only the highest quality equipment for clients looking for media rooms in Orpington.

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Hidden technology

The aesthetics of a room should never be obscured by technical equipment – after all, you’ve worked hard to get your space looking exactly the way you want it. At New Wave AV, we use an array of techniques to ensure your audio visual equipment is out of sight when not in use, saving you space and keeping your room looking streamlined. Whether it’s installing motorised TV lifts, plastering speakers into the wall, or hiding them behind artwork, we’ll retain the aesthetics of your room while giving you access to the very best in digital entertainment.

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Home lighting automation in Orpington

Lighting is no longer simply about staving off the darkness so your family can enjoy time together at night. Installing the right fittings gives you greater control over the mood in each room, enhancing the design and creating an energy-efficient solution whatever your needs. Learn more about our lighting solutions in Orpington today.

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Lighting control

Lighting control systems can create an ambience in your home that traditional light switches cannot, enabling you to manage your environment with ease. You can program specific routines that sync with your daily needs, or switch individual lights on and off using our intelligent control systems. If desired, your lights can work in conjunction with blinds and AV systems too, enabling you to change the mood of each room at the touch of a button.

Lighting control also provides peace of mind while you’re away from home, creating a ‘moccupancy’ that gives the impression your house is occupied.

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Lighting design

Interior designers, photographers and artists have long understood the importance of optimal lighting. At New Wave AV, we aim to transform your living space with sympathetic lighting that enables you to get the most from each room – and even your garden. The use of lighting scenes, sensors and timers can also help you reduce energy usage and waste, meaning there’s no need to worry about forgetting to turn a light out before going to bed or leaving for work.

Our service includes 3D renders that demonstrate how different lighting scenes, circuits and colours will work, helping you chose the right solution for you.

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Choosing the ideal light fittings for your home can be a challenge, especially if you want to create a specific ambience, or are trying to choose fittings that complement a period property. At New Wave AV, our extensive experience with specialist lighting means we have access to a wide range of products from a network of renowned manufacturers. This enables us to offer a huge range of styles for any application you may have.

Whether you’re looking for surface-mounted downlighting, LED tape for a media room, or uplighting to emphasize an architectural feature, we can create stunning solutions that deliver the desired effect.

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We represent the highest level in Custom Electronic Design and Installation standards. We are proud members and award finalists several times.

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