What can Control4 control?

The beauty of Control4 automation is that the possibilities are virtually endless. With its open platform and focus on interoperability, it can be tailored to suit your home and lifestyle. Perhaps you want to create whole-home lighting scenes for the mornings and evenings. Or when you’re entertaining, you might need to sync your audio and extend it into the garden so that everyone can enjoy the music, wherever they are. Control4 makes this easy, with a universal remote control and/or touchscreen panels throughout your property that enable you to operate everything simply and efficiently.

What is Control4 compatible with?

Control4 is compatible with a vast array of brands and products, so whichever devices and systems you’re using, there’s a good chance you can manage and control them with Control4. Providers such as Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Music, Sony, LG, Lutron and Sonos are all compatible, as are devices such as thermostats, electric gates and security systems. There is also a suite of Control4 products, which deliver a state-of-the-art living experience.

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How does Control4 work?

Few products or services can compare to Control4 home automation in terms of usability and innovation. Control4 is a sophisticated ecosystem that enables you to control multiple devices and systems within your home via a single remote or interface. Whether you want to operate your security system’s smart doorbell and cameras, control your media at the touch of a button, or switch on the lights and ensure your home is at the perfect temperature when you return from work, Control4 makes it easy.

The Control4 controller brings everything together, and your Control4 dealer will give you a tutorial so that you can adjust and refine the features of your system according to your needs, without additional help.

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Why work with a Control4 dealer?

Control4 isn’t a simple plug-and-play solution. It requires professional installation by an experienced dealer such as New Wave AV. Working with an authorised Control4 dealer means you can unlock all the potential the system has to offer. Once you know what you want from the system – be it convenience, security, or a reduction in energy usage – you can chat to our team, who will design your whole home automation system and install it just the way you want – with hidden speakers for your audio system, touchscreen panels for operation, and whatever else you specify.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your Control4 dealer will then teach you how to control your smart home and all its features, including how to make adjustments as required.

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Is Control4 scalable?

One of the key features of Control4 is that it’s scalable and reliable. The system is installed in a way that means you can add features to your home when necessary, and our professionals are always on hand to help should changes need to be made. Perhaps your wireless network needs tweaking or an issue arises that needs troubleshooting. Our team is here to help months or years after initial installation, giving you ongoing peace of mind.

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How do I upgrade my Control4 system?

Choosing a professional smart home installation means there’s no need to make system upgrades yourself. Monitoring and upgrades are carried out externally, so you can relax in the knowledge that both the hardware and software are taken care of. After all, convenience is a key part of home automation.

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What’s the next step?

If you’d like to understand everything that Control4 can do for you, why not visit our Control4 Certified showroom in Tonbridge? As a Control4 Diamond dealer, we’re fully equipped to give you a demo of the technology and help you decide which aspects of your home you’d like to include in the system. Get in touch today to book an appointment.

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