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Enjoy the highest quality audio with state-of-the-art receivers, processors and amplifiers from Anthem AV, available now at New Wave AV.

What is Anthem AV?

Anthem is a globally renowned specialist in audio/video equipment for music and home cinema systems. Thanks to the exceptional quality of the brand’s products, your experience is enriched every time you listen to your favourite tracks or watch a movie.

Anthem multi channel

What Anthem AV products do you supply?

Here at New Wave AV, we supply a selection of equipment, including Anthem AV receivers, processors and amplifiers. In addition, our audio visual design specialists will work with you to choose the best setup for your needs, ensuring you have the highest quality audio for your space.

How does Anthem AV work?

To enjoy a truly immersive and seamless experience while listening to music or watching a film in your home cinema, you’ll need excellent calibration. Anthem AV products deliver this, ensuring you benefit from advanced systems that can be integrated into your existing home automation setup.

Anthem Room Correction

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) puts the experience and power of an advanced audio lab in your hands to receive the ultimate sound at home. Our PhDs did all the leg work, so you don’t need an engineering degree to use it.


Anthem room correction arc

Anthem AV receivers

An audio video receiver combines the processor and amplification unit into one component. While cheaper receivers typically have a microphone alongside acoustic software that sets levels and delays, Anthem receivers perform at a much higher level to create a vastly improved experience. They can select the source, decode the surround sound format, control volume, and perform room equalisation and bass management, delivering a sense of breath-taking realism.


Anthem AV processors and amplifiers

For greater flexibility, you can choose a separate processor and amplifier setup. This suits larger and more complex multimedia rooms or home cinemas. The processor performs similar functions to a receiver, selecting the source, decoding the multichannel surround sound format, and performing room equalisation and bass management. The audio content is then sent to a power amplifier, which increases the signal strength to suit your speakers. Channels range from two to seven depending on your needs.

STR Pre and Power Amplifier

Why use Anthem AV?

There are many reasons to choose Anthem AV products. As one of the leading brands in the audio/video sector, the manufacturer has carried out extensive research into the nature of sound and its operation in rooms. The result is a suite of award-winning products that competitors have only dreamed of coming close to.


One of the core objectives of Anthem AV is to provide unprecedented levels of reliability and functionality at a competitive price. Many of the internal components of the products are engineered in-house, having been designed for each specific purpose. This means both the sound quality and operational quality of each product is exceptional. It’s just one reason why audiophiles, professional musicians and sound engineers alike have chosen the brand.


Not only does Anthem Audio deliver pin-point accuracy with minimal distortion and an improved linear response, but the units are also easy to use. With intuitive interfaces, easily navigable menus, and an attractive yet functional design, these products look great and keep operation simple. They can even be integrated into your home automation system, so everything can be prepared for your home cinema experience at the touch of a button.

Anthem AVR

What’s the next step?

Here at New Wave AV, we specialise in providing high-end audio visual services. We’re an authorised supplier of Anthem amplifiers, processors and receivers, and can tailor the setup and equipment to your exact requirements. As expert AV installers in Kent, we have extensive experience in creating fully-integrated media rooms, home cinemas and more, and can design a space that delivers everything you want. Visit our Tonbridge showroom for a demo and discover the quality of Anthem products for yourself.

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