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Many clients that we work with want their audio visual equipment to integrate seamlessly into their existing room. Throughout our design phase we always provide plenty of options for hidden AV technology, so that hardware is as minimally intrusive as possible. We have a range of solutions to suit your needs and preferences, whether you’re looking for a hidden TV, a drop down projector screen, or invisible speakers to complete your setup.  

Televisions: Mechanical

Hidden TVs are a great way of enjoying a high-quality visual experience while preserving your interior décor. We offer mechanical solutions that enable you to hide your television screen in a cabinet, bed or work top when it’s not in use, ensuring your room maintains its original ambience.

With New Wave AV, you can choose from a variety of mechanisms to suit your needs. A TV lift and hinge solution, for example, raises your television from out of a cabinet and allows it to rotate up to 90 degrees for the optimum viewing position. Alternatively, you can conceal a projector screen or TV in the ceiling, and at the push of a button, make it drop down so you can watch a film or show.


Hidden Speakers

If you prefer discreet speakers to statement ones, you can opt for them to be hidden in walls or in your ceiling so that there’s no visual intrusion on your interior design. Our specialist AV installers can completely hide your ceiling and wall speakers by plastering them into the wall, and conceal any surface grills with a complete solution that retains the amazing sound performance required for an immersive audio experience. You can position the speakers around your room to create a surround sound effect or simply place them by your television – whatever you choose.

Televisions: Mirrored

Conceal your television with a mirror overlay, which provides dual function practicality every day. You wall mounted TV is given a special treatment that means when it’s not in use it looks – and acts – like a mirror. You can even choose a decorative frame to complement your interior. Then, when the TV is switched on, the image appears, delivering HD/4k quality viewing.

Choosing a hidden TV mirror means that instead of a television being the focal point of your room, you can have a mirror, creating a more sophisticated ambience. Overlays come in a wide range of standard sizes, from 32 to 75 inches, but custom sizes can be requested too.

Hidden Smart Technology

Speakers: Art

We offer Artcoustic speakers, which are award-winning products that integrate beautifully into your space while providing exquisite sound quality. With Artcoustic, you can create bespoke speakers that match your chosen size, colour and finish, or hide them behind artworks around your room so that your décor is completely uninterrupted. Alternatively, you can add a digitally printed graphic or artwork onto the speaker cover to turn it into a statement piece of its own.

Offering the ultimate wow factor

Sliding panel systems offer the ultimate in hidden technology, completely concealing your television behind wall panels. Several options are available, including a single panel that moves vertically or horizontally to reveal your screen, and a split panel that conceals the TV behind two moving panels. We even offer an advancing panel option, which retracts and raises while simultaneously pushing the TV out to sit flush with the wall. All of these options mean you can enjoy a quality viewing experience without letting the television dominate your space.

Why work with a specialist installer?

There are, of course, discreet technology options that you can install yourself, but to benefit from the very best systems and seamless integration, we recommend professional audio visual system installation. Our AV experts can provide the ideal hardware solutions for your home, and work with you to ensure they’re effectively concealed in a way that meets your needs. We’ll also save you the time and effort of trying to install the mechanisms yourself, which if done incorrectly can lead to issues.

At New Wave AV, we supply and fit a selection of Future Automation products, which we can integrate into your overall smart home setup. So whether you want to invest in a full media room, that offers a home cinema experience at the touch of a button, or you want to have hidden speakers placed throughout your home as part of your multi-room audio system, we can ensure everything works perfectly together. We can also provide the technology to control everything via intuitive remotes or interfaces.

Home cinema and media room Kent

Ongoing support

When you choose professional installation, the support doesn’t stop once the system or the hardware is fitted. Our AV consultants will be on hand to fix any issues that may arise with your TV mechanisms or speakers, ensuring they continue to function at their best. We’ll also install any necessary upgrades on your behalf. That means you can simply relax and enjoy the magic of your hidden technology whenever you wish.

What’s the next step?

At our showroom in Tonbridge, Kent, we can demonstrate how your hidden technology can be integrated into your home. Visit us today to discuss your requirements, and let our designers create a virtual mock up of your space, so you can get it looking exactly how you want before we get started.

Garage Conversion Home Cinema Sussex
We achieved our overall aim of having a modern system that was minimalist in appearance, Amina hidden speakers etc. They kept to their budget and deadlines and worked well with the main contractor, It was a pleasure working with the team.

Jim Briggs (Client)

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