What is a Lutron system?

Lighting is key to a property’s appearance, helping you to make the most of your space at all times of the day. Lutron lighting control enables you to adjust the level and quality of light in different areas of your home whenever you need. It not only allows you to control electric lighting and make the most of dimming features and coloured lighting, it also enables you to regulate natural light by automating blind levels according to your needs. The system provides the perfect balance of light sources to complement your activities in the home, and helps you save energy by modifying electric light usage.

What can I control with Lutron lighting?

Lutron home automation can transform the way your home is viewed. It gives you far more flexibility when it comes to lighting control, enabling you to adjust the quantity of light you use for various activities. In most homes, for example, lights are controlled with a simple on/off switch. Lutron enables you to dim the lights to create a specific mood or complement a specific activity. Dimming also helps you to save energy, since you’re not using more light than necessary. You also have the option of refining your home’s aesthetics with coloured LED lighting, and of combining electric lighting with automated blinds and shading. And because everything is operated via one simple controller, the system is easy to use.

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What is the benefit of total light control?

Beyond controlling the light quality and levels in your home on an ad hoc basis, Lutron lighting enables you to create whole-home scenes, or automate your lighting to fit with your daily routines. Daylight sensors can automatically adjust your shades and electric lighting, helping you maintain optimum light levels throughout the day and reduce energy wastage. You can also have occupancy sensors installed to ensure lights aren’t left on when a room is not in use.

What are Lutron window treatments?

In addition to lighting control, Lutron also offers state-of-the-art shading solutions. A wide selection of shades and blinds is available, helping you to control the level of daylight in your home while enhancing the interior design of each room. You can choose from roller shades with sheer, dim-out or blackout fabrics, as well as wood blinds, Roman blinds and more. These can be integrated with your lighting system and other home automation systems to create the perfect atmosphere throughout the day and night.

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What’s the benefit of Lutron shading?

Exposure to daylight not only enhances our mood, it is also essential for helping our brains to regulate our sleeping/wake cycle. Ensuring we make the most of daylight is therefore a fundamental part of our wellbeing. With Lutron shading solutions, enjoying optimal exposure to natural light is simple, as your blind level can be programmed to automatically change at set times of the day, and even in set seasons. Choosing this solution also helps you save energy, as it reduces your reliance on electric lighting, and helps to create a relaxed, stylish ambience in your space.

How does Lutron lighting control and shading work?

Lutron systems have various methods of operation. Wireless controllers, for example, enable you to create seamless transitions from room to room, and can even be carried in your handbag or car so that when you return from work, you can light your home with the touch of a button. Tabletop controllers, meanwhile, can be positioned at your bedside or by the sofa, and give you the ability to turn all your lights on or off with a single touch.

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What home automation works with Lutron?

Lutron can be integrated reliably with a wide range of products and brands. Amazon Alexa, Control4, Bang & Olufsen, Honeywell Security Group, Google Home, Nest and Sonos are just some of the manufacturers that Lutron works with to provide whole home smart solutions.

Why work with a Lutron Certified Installer?

When it comes to the installation of your lighting system, Lutron Certified Installers, such as the team at New Wave AV, are best placed to help. This sophisticated system requires the expertise of a professional, and we can custom-design your home lighting, as well as install and maintain it. Our solutions are tailored to your exact needs, and we can seamlessly integrate features like dimmers, blinds, and daylight sensors, providing a simple, convenient experience. As an authorised Lutron dealer, we’ll also educate you on how to use your lighting controllers, and ensure any system upgrades are carried out as necessary.

What’s the next step?

If you’d like to see how Lutron lighting can transform your living experience, arrange a visit to our showroom in Tonbridge. We’ll demonstrate the capabilities of this technology and help you decide how best to light your home. Get in touch today to book an appointment.

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