Experience cinema at home

Home cinemas add the glitz and glamour of a traditional theatre in the comfort of your own home.

A dedicated cinema is a room like no other space, with different dynamics and considerations and its own unique interior than the rest of your house. You can really have fun at the concept stage where we carry out full design and 3D modelling of the cinema, with lighting plans that will show you exactly how this room will look and function.

We have carried out over a hundred or so cinema spaces, media rooms or dual purpose installations in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Berkshire and London since we were founded in 2003.

Turnkey construction or just the finishing touches

If you are building a new property or remodelling a room will work alongside your building team to design and install all the electronics required. We can complete the room with our specialist room acoustics treatments if required.  If you are looking for a full turnkey solution, we can also offer that as we have done on many projects before.

Acoustic wall treatments, fabrics and furniture all play a huge part in creating the perfect cinema and sound quality you want from your investment. With our years of experience we will guide and advise you through the whole process.

Thinking about a converting a room into a Home Cinema?

If you have a room at home that is now underutilised, why not convert it into your own home cinema room. This could be an old playroom, loft room, basement or even a garage or garden room that is ready for conversion.

We have worked on plenty of these spaces and offer a full turnkey solution if you require with all building work, lighting design, supply and installation, home cinema seating, final decoration and fabric wrapped wall system.   Here are some example spaces we have worked;

Sussex Garage Conversion

Essex Garden Room Conversion

London Basement Conversion

Kent Playroom Conversion

Surrey Loft Conversion

The Detail is in the Design

You’re bound to find elements of inspiration from our portfolio of previously completed projects. You can incorporate these into the design, but rarely are 2 rooms exactly the same.  So as part of our design process we can build flat renders that will give you an excellent representation of the final room.

The next stage, if you require is for a virtual 3d render of the home cinema. This is where you can freely move around the room, see how the room treatments, lighting and cinema seating working in the design.

This room is a recent 7 seater high performance project we have completed, so feel free to roam around the space or use the pre-set views.  If you wish to see your space before the construction has taken please please get in-touch to discuss.

Watch the video below to see this room in progress and the finished space.


The Finished Article

The amount of design, planning and installation for this turnkey home cinema project was phenomenal.  The seating configuration requested by the client and the restricted room height required us to dig out the centre section of the room to allow the first row of cinema seats to be sunken, and the rear row of seats was on ground level.

We used a fabric track and wrap system for the room acoustics and hid as many speakers as possible. We then finished with alternating material panels and interspersed these with vertical LED.  This, along with the ceiling LED feature profile, really makes this room come alive when used as an entertainment space.  More about this project can be seen here.

Sit back & relax

No cinema is ever complete without dedicated cinema seating, adding to your audio and visual system with a real touch of luxury. Home Cinema seats and sofas are made for relaxing during a movie, allowing you to sit, stretch and relax comfortably throughout the film.

All our Home Cinema chairs are modular to fit your room and needs. Home Cinema chairs can be include rich, with electric reclining motors, D-Box bass and motion system, cup holders for hot and cold drinks, USB charging for your mobile devices and a entire host of other options supplied and installed by New Wave AV.

home cinema systems


Expereince audio like never before with Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos takes surround sound to the next level, literally. Introducing speakers at heights to give you the ultimate listening experience.

Home Cinema Design Kent

Room Acoustics

Room treatments optimise your audio experience ensuring travelling sound can be managed with a series of materials depending on your requirements, the room shape and room size.

New Wave AV can specify a wide range of panels to be used, whether it is an absorption panel, diffusion, bass traps or sound insulation.

home cinema projector

Highest Projection Quality

Recreate the movie to how the directors wanted you to see it. With 4K video projection and a series of projection screens to choose from.

Experience audio like no other

Dolby Atmos home cinema systems offer you a 360º surround sound acoustic experience. Aeroplanes zooming ahead, cars whizzing passed you and gun blasts from all around.

A Dolby Atmos home cinema installation will totally transform the way you view your favourite movies. You can experience Dolby Atmos at our demonstration rooms in Tonbridge, Kent.

Screen masking

Cinema masking systems are used to expand or shrink the borders of your home cinema screen so that the movie fills the dimensions exactly. Films are made in different aspect ratios, which can create blurring around the edge of the projected image if screen masking isn’t employed. The function of cinema masking is, at its most basic, to create sharp definition at the edges of the picture and ensure none of the image is lost.

Basic home cinema masking systems can be put in place manually, or they can bet set up to automatically move with the changing aspect ratio of the image being projected, say from cinema scope to wide screen. You can find out more about screen masking and its benefits by booking a demo at our Tonbridge showroom.

Home cinema Installation and setup

When it comes to home cinema installation, there’s a lot to consider. The size of your room, for example, will determine the size of the projection screen and how many speakers you’ll need. You will also want to think about any room treatments you may require – acoustic panels and flooring, for example – as well as seating and lighting. No project is too challenging for our home cinema specialists, so let your imagination run free.

Part of our professional home cinema setup service is the inclusion of smart features, which can be fully integrated, enabling you to control various settings with the touch of a button. A range of controls is available, from basic to high-end touchscreen options, and our team will show you how to program and operate them.

Take a look at our portfolio to get inspired and book a demonstration at our Tonbridge showroom today to start the design process for your perfect cinema room at home.

Home Cinema FAQs

A home cinema is a dedicated room in your house that is designed and set up specifically for media consumption. The space typically has equipment such as a projector and screen, high-quality audio, and custom lighting.

A home cinema is a room that’s fitted out for watching films and TV, and/or playing video games, with no other function. A media room, on the other hand, is often a family living area which can be set up for an immersive viewing experience at the touch of a button.

The cost of a home cinema varies depending on the equipment and design you choose. A fully customised room starts from around £25k.

Home cinema rooms can add value to a family property, particularly if they are designed as an adaptable space with smart lighting and a hidden sound system.

It’s advisable to use professional home cinema installers to complete any work on your space. Not only do they have the skills and experience to do the job quickly and efficiently, they will also be able to solve any problems that may arise, and advise on the best equipment for your space. The overall result will be of a much higher quality than a DIY job.

‘Home cinema system’ usually refers to the audio-visual equipment needed for your home cinema. This might include a projector and screen, or a TV (depending on the size of your space and your budget), as well as the sound system.

Your home cinema setup should ideally include a projector and screen, a high-quality audio system, appropriate lighting, and comfy seating. You may also need acoustic treatments or soundproofing for the walls. Your home cinema installers will be able to advise on this.

The best home cinemas are in rectangular rooms, as these will optimise acoustic performance. A 6m x 4.5m space works well, but smaller spaces such as 3.5m x 3m will also deliver.

Home cinemas work best in rooms with few or no windows. The wall on which your screen sits will typically be the short wall, with seats placed at a distance of between twice and five times the width of the screen. Each room is different, so it’s best to seek assistance from a professional home cinema designer and installer, who can determine how many speakers you’ll need and where to place them, as well as advise on lighting, acoustic treatments and more.

A luxury home cinema is certainly a worthwhile addition to your home if you enjoy watching films or want a special space in which to relax with your family or entertain guests. They also provide a comfortable and high-quality alternative to going to a commercial cinema – and best of all, you can bring your own snacks and pause the film if need be.

For the best acoustic performance, you want to have a rectangular room with properly positioned speakers that reflect sound correctly. A carpeted floor is also preferable for sound absorption.

A video projector gives you the true cinematic experience, with high-end options delivering crystal clear, 4k quality. They are also less bright than a TV, making for a more comfortable viewing experience, while the larger image makes for a more immersive experience.

We met with New Wave to discuss turning our basement into a cinema room and Angus came up with a great design. We would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking into turning a space into a cinema room, they did not disappoint.

Hayley Hansford (Client)

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