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Conceal and reveal your hardware as necessary with the fantastic range of products from Future Automation, brought to you by New Wave AV.

What is Future Automation?

Future Automation is a British and American company that supplies specialist mechanisms to conceal or reveal the hardware for your automation systems. From lift and projector drop mechanisms to moving panels, an array of display mounting solutions is available to enable you to enjoy your audio visual and smart systems while retaining the carefully crafted aesthetics of your home.

Future Automation is the market leader in solutions for audio-visual installations, and its mechanisms offer an unrivalled level of flexibility, meaning a range of requirements can be accommodated.

Hidden Smart Technology

What Future Automation products do you supply?

Here at New Wave AV, we provide Future Automation installation to enhance your living experience. The products we supply include the brand’s class-leading automated PD Projector Drop mechanism, the motorised TV lift mechanism, and a selection of moving panel solutions to suit your interior design.

How does Future Automation work?

Future Automation solutions are designed to fit your home seamlessly, so that when items of hardware need to be concealed, you need never know they’re there. With the touch of a button, you can then reveal them as necessary, enabling you to enjoy audio visual services on demand.


Lift and drop mechanisms

The lift and drop mechanisms enable you to hide screens and projectors in the ceiling or conceal TVs in items of interior décor such as cabinets, meaning they don’t detract from the aesthetics of your room when not in use. A flap can be installed, which hinges out of the way before the hardware emerges, creating a seamless design that delivers the utmost convenience.

Moving panels

Conceal hardware such as screens or speakers behind a picture, which can move out of the way when you want to access your audio visual services. There are several types of moving panel available. The single panel moves vertically or horizontally to reveal, for example, a television screen, while the split panel conceals the screen behind two horizontally moving pictures. There’s also an advancing panel option, which enables you to conceal a screen behind a panel, which then retracts into the wall and raises up when you want to watch the TV. The TV screen is automatically pushed out to sit flush to the surrounding wall panels, creating a flawless finish.

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Why use Future Automation?

There are many reasons to choose the solutions available from Future Automations. Not only are they the leading supplier of lift and drop mechanisms in the UK, they also provide exceptional quality and seamless design, creating a fluid and pleasing experience.

Space efficient

Concealing your audio visual hardware is a space efficient way of enjoying the services you want whenever you want, without having them on display all the time. Unlike some other solutions, Future Automation’s mechanisms have a minimal impact on the space in your room, keeping the dimensions and aesthetics the way they were intended to be.

Smooth and quiet

The last thing anyone wants is for their hardware to reveal itself with a fanfare of whirrs and clicks. The Future Automation mechanisms are smooth and quiet, bringing televisions, screens and projectors into the room without fuss, creating a calm and seamless experience.


Moving panels can allow screens from 32 to 60 inches to be cleverly concealed, although customisation options are available, allowing larger screens to be accommodated. Similarly, TV lifts can be fully customised to suit the exact size of the screen. The Projector Drop, meanwhile, comes in three standard sizes to cover the most common cinema projector sizes, although the mechanism can be modified to suit larger units.


Can Future Automation be integrated with my other systems?

The mechanisms provided by Future Automation can be integrated into your overall smart home automation system, meaning you can create a home cinema in your living room at the press of a button. One touch means the lights will dim, the shades will close, the screen will emerge, and the projector will drop down – so all you need to do is make sure you’re sitting comfortably.

projector lift ceiling

What’s the next step?

As expert AV installers in Kent and an authorised Future Automation dealer, at New Wave AV we can bring the convenience and aesthetic appeal of Future Automation products into your home. Visit our showroom in Tonbridge for a demo and discover how you can integrate these state-of-the-art solutions with your existing smart home automation.

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