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Home automation draws all the elements of your home together, creating a seamless living experience. Whether pre-programmed or at the push of a button, you can create specific scenes in your home that set the ambience you require – from turning the heating up and switching the lights for a warm welcome home when you return from work to tailoring a relaxed atmosphere with mood lighting and music for a dinner party.

Here at New Wave AV, our smart home specialists can automate the traditional manual products at your property and integrate them into a whole-home system, enabling you to manage and control everything from lighting and heating to outdoor gates and sprinklers through one intuitive interface.

We use Control4 home automation to bring all the aspects of your home together. With interfaces placed throughout your property and mobile apps, you can control and monitor everything – even when you’re away from home.


A smart home setup is about more than simple convenience. It’s also about security and peace of mind while you’re away from home. Our home automation systems learn about you and your habits to create a Mockupancy – an occupancy simulation – making it seem as if you’re home when you’re not. This protects your home and creates a deterrent for burglars, perfect for holidays and late nights out.

Our home automation installers can custom program everything from lights and blinds to audio visual equipment, so that it looks like you’re home watching TV or moving about the house. We can even link your security system so that when the system is armed it automatically plays back a simulation based on your regular habits. Plus, with a connected mobile device, you can monitor your home at any time while you’re away.

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Smart homes can be set up to create the exact atmosphere you require at various times of the day. Timers are useful for setting up your home when you know certain things will be happening. For example, if you need to get up at 6am each morning for work, timed programming can raise your blinds and turn on your favourite radio station to get you up. You can also set the heating to a specific temperature so that you don’t have to climb out of a warm bed into a chilly morning.

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Motion and light sensors are the eyes and ears of your automated home. They’re simple devices, yet they bring home automation to life, ensuring you’re always comfortable. Light sensors will monitor the daylight levels in your home, turning indoor lighting on and off, or dimming as appropriate so you always benefit from optimal light levels, whether you’re working, watching TV or making dinner.

Motion sensors, meanwhile, can detect whether there’s anyone in the room and turn off lights, turn down heating, and more when the space is vacant. This not only creates a convenient experience, it also helps you to conserve energy. Ensuring all aspects of your home is truly automated.

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Control your lighting from a host of devices. Including Remote Control, Keypad, Touch-panel, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Watch just to name a few.


Control your home from your watch, and manage remotely directly from your watch.


Control4 touch-screens can be installed around the home in wall and on tabletops. Control4 touch-screens give you a full visual interface into your home. Choosing music, viewing cameras, adjusting lighting screens and more.

Configurable Keypads

Configurable keypads can be installed around the home to control immediate room settings. Not just for lights, these keypads can control anything on your home automation system and come with 37 different layout possibilities.

Remote Controls

The Control4 remote control can have control Audio Visual hardware in the home as well as lighting scenes and further automation features as desired by you. The remote is available in English or International Icon model.

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Home Automation Design

Designing your home automation system is the first step to your new living experience. Our design process takes you through the specification, products and visuals that you require, enabling you to select the technology and systems that best suit your needs and the style of your home.

After initial discussions, our home automation experts will ensure you are completely satisfied with the design by creating a 3D rendering of your space, so you can see exactly how everything is going to work.

When you’re happy with the proposed design and functionality, our smart home experts will carry out your home automation installation, ensuring everything is seamlessly integrated. At the touch of a single button, you can activate your smart lighting, thermostat, window shading, audio system and more to create the perfect atmosphere. Chat to our home automation specialists about your bespoke smart home setup today.

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Control Worldwide

Connect with your home anywhere in the world over WiFi and 4g/5g. Our smart home systems enable you to check cameras, heating and security from wherever you are to ensure your property is safe. Simply use the app on your mobile device to monitor and adjust settings and set up notifications and alerts to provide that extra backup, with your system running in the background.

Being away from home has never been so secure.

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Upgrade your Existing Home Automation System

If you already have aspects of your home that are automated, but each element is on its own system, make operation easier by upgrading to a whole-home system. Our smart home experts can integrate all your existing products to create a seamless experience that can be controlled by a single interface. We can also make recommendations for upgrades to your equipment, should any be required.

Choosing professional home automation installation also means you can benefit from regular maintenance and system updates, performed by our specialists. These will protect you from security breaches and ensure your home automation continues to run smoothly. Should anything unexpected occur, we can step in to set it right with minimum inconvenience to you.

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We are pleased with the outcome of house revamp that the New Wave team were a key part of. The system has a high degree of integration and clever programming linking the security, entry system, window openers, heating controls and motorised blinds / curtains.

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