Home automation

Make life more convenient with our smart home automation services. By syncing a range of systems – including lighting, window treatments, security systems and more – you can enjoy intuitive access and control of one or all functions via our keypad and touchscreen interfaces, which can be placed around our home. You can even operate your smart features remotely thanks to our mobile app.

Home automation systems are capable of learning your habits too, meaning they’ll automatically switch lighting on or off, open and close blinds, open your electric gates, and more. This is especially useful when you’re away from home, as it creates a ‘moccupancy’, which makes it seem like the house is occupied even though it’s vacant.

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Window treatments

At the touch of a button, motorised shading can adjust the amount of light in your home, helping to reduce glare and heat gain in summer, or maximising the natural light flow in winter. When linked with your home automation system, it provides added convenience by enabling you to set the blinds to raise or lower at specific times of the day – or operate them remotely from your mobile device.

At New Wave AV, we offer a window treatment service that includes the selection of your preferred blind colours and materials, as well as the installation of keypad interfaces for easy access. Enjoy the effortless convenience of automated shading.

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Home connectivity

WiFi access has become an essential part of modern life, with home entertainment and work relying largely on its use. If you’re looking for home connectivity solutions in Sevenoaks, we can provide reliable WiFi across your property, taking into account its size and materials for optimum connectivity. Our meticulous design process also means that both present and future uses of the network are catered for.

Of course, reliable WiFi must also be secure, and our service includes the relevant hardware, programming and setup to protect your home. We also provide remote support, and consistently monitor the system health across all your devices.

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Heating and Cooling

Keeping your home at the perfect temperature is vital to your year-round comfort. With our smart heating and cooling systems, which include a centralised system and touchscreen interfaces around your home, you can enjoy the optimum indoor environment whatever the weather. You have the choice of an entirely new system or one that integrates with your current thermostats, and we’ll complete a setup that enables you to reduce energy wastage and adjust the temperature remotely according to your needs.

Not only that, our heating and cooling systems can be integrated with your homes’ other smart features – such as lighting and blinds – for maximum convenience.

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Security and Access

As a homeowner, you need to feel that your property is safe wherever you might be. Our smart home features are integrated with your security systems – from CCTV and intercom to alarm systems – to provide full protection whether you’re at home or away. We also operate a 24/7 monitoring service for your complete peace of mind. This includes notifications, lighting scenes and more where necessary, and everything can be controlled through one simple interface for your convenience.

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Audio visual installation in Sevenoaks

Enhance your media experience with our high quality audio visual equipment. From movie nights and parties to gaming, you and your family can enjoy the very best technology and an immersive experience while retaining the aesthetics of your home. To find out more about our audio visual services in Sevenoaks and beyond, contact us today.

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Home Cinema

Home cinemas deliver a state-of-the-art viewing experience, turning movie night into an unmissable event. Our home cinema installations are carried out with the utmost precision, ensuring you have access to outstanding technology such as Dolby Atmos and 4K video projection, as well as the perfect atmosphere through intelligent lighting and acoustic room treatments. As such, you can enjoy every film just the way the director intended, in your own private space. It’s even better than visiting a commercial cinema!

With our range of screens, seating and more, you can also customise your home cinema to your exact requirements, enjoying optimum comfort and luxury every time you watch a movie.

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Multi room audio visual

Every member of the family can enjoy access to their favourite music individually with the multi-room systems available at New Wave AV. Choose a multi-room audio system to listen to different music supplied by different sources in each area of the house – radio in the kitchen, for example, and streaming services in the kids’ bedrooms. Alternatively, you can create multiple zones with the same audio for a party-like atmosphere. Our systems support traditional sources such as vinyl and CDs too, so there’s no limit to how you can enjoy audio.

There’s no need to worry about unsightly hardware either. With a centralised system and hidden speakers, your home retains its aesthetic. We can even hide games consoles and DVD players.

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Media Rooms

Our media room installations combine the functionality of a standard living room with the extra-special ambience of a home cinema. At the touch of a button, you can transform a room that’s fitted with a regular television into a fully immersive home cinema – without the distraction of visible hardware. We can hide speakers in the walls or behind artwork, as well as install a drop down projector and screen, all of which can be operated using our intuitive interface. With high quality audio visual equipment and careful design, your media room experience will be second to none.

Of course, you can tailor your room to your preferences too, with bespoke lighting and smart features such as motorised blinds.

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Hidden technology

Each room of your home is designed specifically to your tastes, so when smart home solutions and audio visual equipment is installed, you want to retain a perfect aesthetic. That’s why, at New Wave AV, we work hard to ensure technical equipment is unintrusive. We use a selection of techniques to hide hardware when it’s not in use, preserving the feeling of space and the streamlined look of your rooms.

Whether you’d like hidden speakers or motorised lifts and brackets for TVs or projector screens, we can include those in our services. That leaves you free to enjoy outstanding digital entertainment without compromising your interior design.

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Home lighting automation in Sevenoaks

Lighting is becoming an increasingly important part of day-to-day living. No longer simply a way to keep darkness at bay, it has evolved into a means of enhancing the design of a room, and creating an atmosphere. Learn more about the specialist lighting solutions in Sevenoaks from New Wave AV today.

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Lighting control

There’s only so much ambience you can create using traditional light switches. For those that want more from their home lighting, a lighting control system is the perfect solution. Enabling you to set the perfect mood, manage your environment easily and reduce energy waste, these systems enhance your space while remaining efficient. At the touch of a button you can operate individual lights or program specific routines according to your daily needs – and when integrated with other smart home features such as blinds and audio visual systems, the overall effect is one of convenience and luxury.

Our lighting control systems can also use timers or remote access to create ‘moccupancy’ – where the impression of your home being occupied is given, even while you’re away.

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Lighting design

Artists, photographers, and designers have long understood the importance of lighting – and homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of what careful lighting design can add to their living space. Not only can it help you make the most of architectural features or focal points in a room, it also enables you to set specific moods throughout the day, or create scenes that give the impression someone is home when the property is vacant. Through the use of timers and sensors, you can also reduce energy waste, contributing to a more efficient home.

At New Wave AV, our lighting design service in Sevenoaks includes 3D renders, which demonstrate how different circuits, scenes and colours will affect your environment. This helps you determine the best design for your needs.

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Whether you want to develop a certain mood in each room of your house, or complement a period property with suitable fixtures, light fittings are a detail that can make a big difference in a home. At New Wave AV, we are lighting design and installation specialists, and can help you source the perfect fittings, whatever your requirements. Our extensive experience means we have access to a wide variety of products and manufacturers, and can provide an array of styles for any application.

Our lighting solutions include surface-mounted downlights, uplights and LED tape, creating the perfect ambience in every room.

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We represent the highest level in Custom Electronic Design and Installation standards. We are proud members and award finalists several times.

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