This client’s interior designer approached us with a concept for converting a disused garden room into a bar, gym, and sauna. The project required a new AV and lighting system for their Keston Park, Bromley property.

The home bar provides a space for entertaining guests and enjoying big-screen events with the audio-visual system. Triad loudspeakers were used for the main audio zones, and Sonance Extreme Series were installed for the high-temperature sauna speakers. The multi-zone audio system allowed the client to distribute audio from a single source to multiple areas or zones within the gym, bar or sauna. The systems offered flexibility and convenience for users to enjoy music or audio content in different areas simultaneously or independently.

Designing the lighting for the home gym was crucial for creating a motivating and functional workout space. We used a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting for versatility. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination, task lighting focuses on specific workout areas, and accent lighting adds visual interest.

The Red, Green, Blue, and White (RGBW) lighting provides versatility, improved colour accuracy, and enhanced brightness, making it a popular choice for various lighting applications required within this design. This extra white LED enhances the colour range and brightness of the lighting, allowing for more vibrant colours and better illumination.

Installing light fixtures with dimmable or adjustable colour settings to control light intensity according to your preferences and workout activities improves the workout experience.

Combining these elements in this Keston Park, Bromley home provides a comprehensive wellness and entertainment experience. You can start your day with a gym workout, unwind with a sauna session in the evening, and socialise with friends over drinks at your home bar. It’s a convenient and luxurious way to enhance your lifestyle and create a space that reflects your interests and personality.

  • Triad Ceiling Speakers
  • Triad Streaming Amplifier
  • Triad Slim Wall Subwoofer
  • DMX Lighting
  • Ruckus Wireless Access Points
  • Control4 Home Automation Processor
Gym Lighting Control
Bromley AV & Lighting System
Bromley AV & Lighting System
Gym & Bar Lighting Audio Visual