kaleidescape cinema room
Sony Home Cinema

What was involved in a high-performance home cinema room like this?

The client initially contacted us to discuss issues he had with his self-installed cinema room and what he wanted in his next home. It became clear quickly that his next room was going to be a high-performance home cinema at their new property just on the East Sussex and Kent borders.

When we are asked to quote on a new cinema room, we always put together a technical design document to provide an understanding of the performance standards we are looking for the room to achieve.  This allows the potential client to understand why items have been specified and introduce the design and detailed work required to deliver their room.  Once issued, we discussed the initially specified speaker range with the client, which led to a proposed revision with a specified higher speaker range.

Room renders were also produced to ensure the client could visualise how the room would look when completed.  The decision to proceed was made within a week of issuing the initial proposal.

The original brief was for a Reference Level Cinema Room with Dolby Atmos sound.  The client wanted to achieve two rows of seating and wanted the audio to pack a punch! 

The brief didn’t change significantly during the project; most design elements were confirmed on the first onsite meeting – the most significant change was the decision to dig out for the front seating,

kaleidescape cinema room

What is the client’s favourite part?

To be fair, this room has a lot vying to be his favourite part.  The audio performance is exceptional, which meant a lot of fun was had during calibration, where we tried to push the system.  I am probably most pleased with how the room design came together using the two contrasting fabrics and the backlit Halo Panels.

For the client, this room was always going to be about the audio; he wanted to ensure it had real impact & performance.  He is a massive film fan and has already downloaded over 190 movies in the six weeks he has had the room!

The focus for the client was performance above anything else, and as a keen film fan and gamer, we had to ensure the room worked for all applications.  The laser projector provided bright images with a quick-on time whilst the masking screen meant the projected image was always correct for the ratio.

A Kaleidescape 4K Movie Server, PS5, Xbox Series X and gaming PC (configured to 2.40:1 output) means that he is never short of content.

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kaleidescape cinema room

What we used

  • Procella Loudspeakers
  • P815 LCR Front Speaker x 3
  • P18 Front Subwoofers x 2
  • P8 Surround x 6
  • P5V Atmos Speaker x 4
  • P10Si Rear Subwoofers x 2
  • DA2800 Power Amplifier x 7
  • Trinnov Altitude 16 AV Processor
  • Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server 24TB
  • Strato 4K Movie Player
  • Sony VPL-VW890ES 4K SXRD Laser Home Cinema Projector
  • Cinema Build System 3.5m Wide Side Masking AT Screen
  • Cineak Largo Home Cinema Seating x 7
  • Lutron Lighting
  • Homeworks QSX Processor
  • Palladiom Single Column Glass Black
  • Control4 EA1 and NEEO Remote Control
kaleidescape cinema room

Behind the scenes and the finished Home Cinema room video

The amount of design, planning and installation for this turnkey home cinema project was phenomenal.  The seating configuration requested by the client and the restricted room height required us to dig out the centre section of the room to allow the first row of cinema seats to be sunken, and the rear row of seats was on ground level.

We used a fabric track and wrap system for the room acoustics and hid as many speakers as possible. We then finished with alternating material panels and interspersed these with vertical LED.  This, along with the ceiling LED feature profile, really makes this room come alive when used as an entertainment space.  More of our videos can be found here.