Immersive Cinema Room Sevenoaks
sevenoaks room acoustics

What was involved?

This project came about when the client decided to carry out a complete overhaul of their basement. It was clear from the initial meeting at our demonstration cinema rooms that the client was looking to achieve a high-performance immersive cinema room in Sevenoaks.

The client wanted an immersive cinema room experience, so there was a lot of design work around ensuring a suitable speaker configuration and screen size. Film was a focus, so a 2.35:1 screen and a Sony projector with lens memory were specified. The final speaker configuration was 7.2.4 using Triad Silver Speakers for the front speakers and Bronze Speakers for the Surrounds, Rears & Dolby Atmos channels. 4 subwoofers were specified to even out the bass response across the room. The final touch was the two rows or four home cinema seats.

The client also wanted to use the room for two-channel audio, so a separate amplifier and speaker system were specified solely for music.  Amplification is a Naim Uniti Nova that also provides high res streaming via Qobuz and Tidal, the speakers are B&W 700 Series.

The client came to our Experience Centre and auditioned the Triad speaker range and viewed the Sony projector, and was very happy with both elements. He wanted to ensure ease of use for the room, so Control4 was specified, as the family had this control system throughout the house already. Control4 Lighting Control was allowed so that specific scenes could be triggered easily either within the app or on the remote control.


Immersive Cinema Room Sevenoaks
sevenoaks audio system
sevenoaks smart home

What our client said

“My favourite element of the room is the audio performance. I am particularly impressed with how the room performed after calibration on the Anthem AVR. Also, how well the acoustic treatment creates interest and adds to the luxurious feel of the room.”

What our lead designer said

“The unique element of this room is the combination of a full Dolby Atmos cinema experience and a two-channel listening experience. We worked hard with the client to ascertain whether one system could offer both solutions, but in the end, it was decided that two dedicated systems would be the correct way to go. Once we decided, it was about ensuring that the Dolby Atmos speaker configuration was installed as discretely as possible to ensure only the 2.0 speakers were visible.”



sevenoaks audio system

Equipment used

  • Sony VPL-VW590ES Projector
  • Cinema Build Systems Slim Screen
  • Anthem MRX1140
  • Triad Rack Amp 700
  • Triad Rack Amo 300
  • 3 x Triad Inwall Silver/6 LCR
  • 4 x Triad Inwall Bronze LCR
  • 2 x Triad Inwall Bronze/6 Sub
  • 2 x Triad Inwall Bronze/4 Slim Sub
  • 4 x In-Ceiling Bronze/8 Sat
  • Control4 EA1 & SR260,
  • Control4 Wireless Dimmer Keypads
  • Vicoustic Cinema Round, Multifuser & Audio Treatment
  • Naim Uniti Nova Amplifier/Processor
  • 2 x B&W 700 Series Loudspeakers.




sevenoaks audio system