We had completed an extensive smart home system for this client, and the final phase of this renovation was to assist with the landscape lighting control design.

The lighting designer had excellent ideas for the landscape lights, and we had to advise on the design of control grouping. This meant each area could be illuminated individually, and then various zones could be controlled together, giving the fantastic results you see.

The control of the outside lighting was on sunset timers that shifted through the year in line with the astronomic clock. We also left the client with numerous scenes they could set from the house Control4 keypads or their smart tablets running the smart-home app.

We also extended the multiroom audio system with wall mount loudspeakers designed for all-year-round external use. This brings the spaces together when the sliding glass wall is open, and the client entertains in this fantastic set of outdoor spaces.

As with all projects of this detail, the design and CAD process helped to bring together all ideas during the concept planning. These were easily brought to the client for discussion and then amended for the final build. We then managed the lighting control programming over an evening with the client and design team.



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