Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation is the integration of all your systems installed in the home and automating traditional manual products in the home. Home Automation is your house manager controlling home aspects from lighting and heating through to sprinklers and doors.


Your system learns about you and your habbits and creates a mockupancy, protecting your home and creates a deterrent for buurglars, perfect for holiday and late nights out. 


19:00 - Lights on 

01:00 - Lights off 


Sensors are the eyes and ears of your automated home. Home Automation really comes alive when you use sensors to control lighting, audio, sounds and security. 


Control your lighting from a host of devices. Including Remote Control, Keypad, Touch-panel, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Watch just to name a few. 

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Designing your home automation system is the first steps to your new system. Our design process takes you though specification, product and visuals from the go. 
Control4 application

Control Worldwide

Connect with your home anywhere in the world over WiFi and 3g/4g. Check cameras, heating and security systems from the beach to ensure your property is safe. Setting up notifications and alerts can provide that extra backup, with your system running in  the background. 

Case Studies 


A few words from our existing customers 
“Control4 allows me to bring all the different control elements required in my home into a single clean interface. The lighting control system is very simple and intuitive to operate and complexity of the lighting design creates a truly stunning home.”
Julian, End Client
“I love the way everything is integrated and how easy it is to use on iPhone and iPads as well as the Control4 touch screens and remotes. I do not know if I could live in a home without a Control4 system again.”
Michael, Client
“New Wave AV worked with us closely throughout the project to ensure our objectives were met. We are over the moon with the results and have thoroughly enjoyed our frequent movie and sports nights.” 
Lisa & Colin, Client
"Meeting with the design team at New Wave they understood what we were trying to achieve in each space and had the experience to implement it."
Portman Homes, Developer
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