Investing in a Control4 Home Automation System

Smart technology is huge. In fact, the global smart home market size is expected to grow from the $78.3 billion it was valued at in 2020 to $135.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.6%. This means that all eyes will be on up and coming home technology in 2021 and beyond.

The growth of the smart home industry is driven by various factors including the increasing number of internet users and the growing adoption of smart devices. The rising disposable income of people in developing economies also plays a part. And with people forced to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, many households have thought about a home automation system for entertainment, convenience and safety reasons.

So without further ado, here’s why 2021 is the perfect time to be investing in a Control4 home automation system.

  • Unbeatable Integration

With the smart home market expanding year on year, companies have upped their game and now offer incredibly advanced and easy to control systems that offer unbeatable integration. Control4’s home automation system, for example, effortlessly integrates with no less than 14,000 smart home products. This is great considering some homes have just a few smart products while others have a whole buffet of technology. Quality, third-party integration is key as no matter what products you invest in you need a system that’s compatible and can move with the times.

  • Top Home Entertainment Systems

Lockdown situations have forced many of us to reconsider our home environment and how happy we feel behind closed doors. From bigger TVs to streaming services, consumers want the best of the best. The smart home technology market has therefore adapted to deliver quality home entertainment systems that are likely to surpass your expectations. In 2021, you can expect multi-room AV systems that make it easy to stream media content from multiple sources on multiple screens in multiple parts of the house – all while controlling the entire system from one screen. This means that even if you’re locked down together, you can still watch the shows that you like, on your own screen.

  • Improve Home Comfort and Safety

As the pandemic continues to disrupt our day-to-day lives, investing in a home entertainment system isn’t just about late-night Netflix binges or hours of gaming. It’s about creating an environment that’s fun, comfortable, convenient and safe too. Control4 can also give you complete control over the running of your home. From smart thermostats and intelligent lighting that can significantly reduce your energy bills to automatic blinds which can deter burglars by creating the impression that someone’s home, smart systems have multiple benefits. Home automation systems can even integrate with smart speakers to give you full voice activation control.

  • Competitive Pricing

Smart home technology is no longer for the elite or super-rich. As technology of this kind becomes increasingly normal, companies are reducing prices and making their systems as affordable and competitive as possible. Control4, for example, is the most affordable smart home automated system around, with entry-level pricing allowing you to enjoy world-leading technology without going over budget.

If you want to be part of the smart home technology revolution, why not look for home automation installers today? Enjoy Covid-safe installation and make 2021 a year for home improvement – and plenty of enjoyment.

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