Why Install a Controlled Lighting System in Your Home

From saving money to reducing your carbon footprint, there are many reasons why installing a smart home lighting system could be a good idea. Before spending your hard-earned cash and researching home automation installation services, however, it’s important to do your homework to see what lighting systems could work for you. There are many options, but here are 6 benefits of controlled lighting within your home.

1 – Energy Efficiency Lighting

If you’re looking to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle and minimise your outgoings, then an automated lighting system for home could be the way forward. With the help of dimmers, sensors, timers and controls that can be used even when you’re not at home, reducing the amount of energy you use becomes a lot easier to manage. And of course, the less electricity you use, the lower your bills will be.

2- Lighting for Every Mood

Forget having to invest in coloured lightbulbs or reaching for the dimmer switch every time you want to create a unique and comfortable lighting experience. With controlled lighting systems, you can program the lights to change automatically in certain situations. Whether you’re having a romantic dinner and want soft lighting or are doing artwork and therefore need a brighter tone, smart systems adjust to your needs.

3- Lighting to Suit Your Routine

Set the lights to come on at specific times of day to suit your routine. Or control the lighting from your smartphone so you don’t even need to get out of bed in the morning to fumble around for the light switch. By tapping ‘on’ or ‘off’ you’ll have full control of the lighting in your home without having to drag yourself up from a comfortable position. 

4- Improved Home Security

Burglars tend to target dark houses as it looks like the owners aren’t at home. Therefore, setting your lights to come on periodically when you’re away makes perfect sense. Leaving one light on downstairs can work, or perhaps you want several rooms lit up – one at the front of the house and one at the back – for a couple of hours each day? The choice is yours but lighting which you can control from afar is sure to put your mind at ease.

5 – Flexibility of Sensors

Smart lighting often relies on sensors. These detect movement allowing the lighting system to kick in only when needed.  If people in your house are constantly forgetting to switch off the lights, a home lighting system could be the perfect way to minimise energy wastage.

6 – Easy to Use

Controlled home lighting is surprisingly easy to use. Adjust the settings via a wall-mounted control panel or make the most of a synced smartphone or tablet app. The latter is perfect for those who want full control of their home systems while out and about. With controlled lighting, you can turn all of the lights in your home on or off at the same time. Or control individual lights if required.

If you’re looking for a lighting installation service, contact New Wave AV in Tonbridge today. The creative use of lighting alongside aesthetically pleasing fittings can totally transform a living space.

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