Smart Home Heating Controls What you Need to Know

Coming back to a warm, cosy house at the end of a long day is one of life’s pleasures, but if you’ve been relying on an old-fashioned, programmable thermostat with manual controls and minimal heating settings, you might be wasting energy. And hard-earned cash. Thankfully, Smart Heating controls have been meticulously created in recent years to ensure your home is warmed in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible.

With home automation systems becoming increasingly popular, investing in smart heating technology that learns about your lifestyle and adapts to your routine could be the way forward. So let’s find out more about smart heating and how it can benefit you this winter and beyond.

What Exactly is ‘Smart’ Technology?

We’ve all heard of smartphones and smart cars. And now there are smart heating controls. But what does this actually mean? Well SMART stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. This might sound techy, but it simply describes technology that’s interactive and constantly learning. Smart thermostats, for instance, connect your heating system to the internet, making it easy for you to change the temperature or switch your heating on and off via a smartphone or tablet. Smart thermostats can even familiarise themselves with your routine and adjust automatically to save you any fuss.

Essentially, smart heating controls minimise the need for manual adjustments and instead put the control at your fingertips through seamless app and sensor integration.

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Heating Controls?

If you’re wondering whether or not to upgrade your current manual system, it’s wise to explore the benefits of smart home heating controls. So here’s what you need to know before turning up the heat on this smart idea – puns totally intended.

  • Smart Heating Controls Can Save You Money

With a traditional thermostat, you might set your heating to come on at 18:00 when you arrive back from work. But what if you decide to go for afterwork drinks or have an unexpected date and have no way of turning your heating off? It’s going to result in wasted electricity, right? With a smart device, however, you can adjust the settings remotely to avoid throwing money down the drain.

On a similar note, many smart devices will activate according to the weather outside. If it’s warmer than usual, the heating won’t kick in until the temperature drops further, helping to save your hard-earned cash. What’s even more clever is that many heating systems even use geo-fencing technology and can therefore track when you’re almost home. Only then will they warm your house.

  • Smart Controls are Easy to Use

If you’re used to operating smartphone apps and other types of technologically advanced devices like tablets, you should find smart heating controls easy to use. Depending on the controls you opt for, there will be a corresponding app that will put you in complete control. If you’re not very tech-confident, it might take you more time to reap the benefits of the smart system, but you’ll get there eventually.

Find out more about smart home installers today and modernise your heating controls.

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