Connect living spaces

The rise of smart technology has opened up the possibility to enjoy a more convenient, secure and comfortable day-to-day experience than ever before. In this brief guide, we explore some of the best smart home technologies and how to create a connected living space.

The basics

In order to create a cohesive and fully integrated smart home, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection that can cope with all the additions to your property. It’s also best to have a design in place before you start, which is why it’s advisable to get professionals to carry out your smart home installation. Experts will be able to create the simplest setup that brings all your technology together through a single operating system such as Control4. You’ll therefore enjoy a unified and convenient experience.

Smart lighting and window treatments

A great way to begin building your connected living space is with smart lighting. Lighting can influence the ambience of each room while also providing energy efficient illumination. Whether you choose traditional downlights and lamps, LED strips or recessed spotlights, you can enhance the feel of your space according to your needs.

When considering lighting, it makes sense to think about window shading too. With an integrated smart home automation system, you can program your lights to come on when your blinds close, or create a setup whereby the two complement each other. For example, with daylight sensors, your lighting and window shading can adjust to the amount of natural light available, delivering the perfect level of illumination at any given time of day.

Heating and cooling

Keeping your home at the perfect temperature while avoiding energy wastage is also key to a comfortable experience. With smart heating and cooling, your system can learn your habits and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly, so the heating is never on while you’re at work, but your house is warm by the time you return at the end of the day. Your heating can also be synced with your lighting and window shading, security, and other elements of your system.


In a world where security is more important than ever, the safety of your home is a priority. From video doorbells and gate intercoms to CCTV and sensors, you can ensure your property and possessions aren’t at risk. Your smart home installers can even show you how to create the illusion that you’re home when your property is vacant, with lighting, entertainment and more activating according to your usual routine when you’re away.


Creating a smart home can transform the way you consume media, enhancing your lifestyle and delivering a seamless experience. Hidden speakers can provide sound that can be coordinated from room to room so you don’t miss a moment of your favourite podcast or playlist, while dropdown projectors, high quality screens and a state-of-the-art movie platform can enrich your movie nights and box set binges.

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