Installing a media room

A home cinema is something many of us aspire to – a place where we can lose ourselves in the magic of a movie, whether it’s an old favourite or the newest release. But not every house has the space for a home cinema, and not every movie buff has the budget. Enter the media room. If you’ve never heard of a media room, now is the time to find out what it is and why it could be the perfect solution to your needs.

What is a media room?

Contrary to what people often think, a media room is not simply a synonym for a home cinema. Media rooms tend to be general living spaces that suit a variety of purposes, from playing with the kids and entertaining guests to enjoying films and video games with your family.

Home cinemas typically have a set of defining qualities. They often have no windows, specialised seating, and a range of acoustic wall treatments for sound control.

Media rooms, on the other hand, tend to look more like a regular living room at first glance. They can still provide a state-of-the-art audio-visual experience, but the installation is designed to hide hardware and maintain the original décor, so that the room can serve a number of functions.

Media room design

Media room design and installation requires careful planning to ensure you benefit from great visuals and audio without impacting your interior design. An array of hidden technology means you won’t have a huge cinema screen and speakers dominating your living room when you’re having a friend over for coffee. Instead, you can make use of a TV concealed within a wall – or if you prefer the real deal, a drop down projector screen – and invisible speakers, which can be placed in the walls or ceiling, or even concealed behind works of art.

With home automation you can even control everything with the touch of a button. Create the perfect environment for movie night from your mobile device or an interactive panel.

With the right design and installation from professional media room installers, these spaces have a host of benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Media rooms are cost effective

Media rooms are a cost-effective alternative to a full, specially equipped home cinema. You can still enjoy the latest in audio visual technology, but there’s no need to add extras to recreate the commercial experience. For example, you can use your existing sofas instead of investing in tiered seating with cup holders, phone chargers and the like, and you needn’t be as extravagant with the lighting setup, since the lighting will need to remain appropriate for other occasions and functions too.

  1. Media rooms can feel more homely

Because they have multiple functions, media rooms can be more homely than a private cinema. You’re relaxing on the sofas or armchairs you’ve picked out for day-to-day life; your artwork is around you; your pets can curl up at your feet, and you can still have popcorn and drinks nearby. It doesn’t feel like a separate entity to the rest of your house, and keeps the mood relaxed.

  1. The technology is always evolving

Media room technology has to live up to the demands of consumers who want the closest thing possible to a home cinema experience, and as such, it’s constantly evolving. Projectors that are suitable for media rooms have improved vastly in recent years, displaying better quality pictures without the need for a large cinema screen. You can also enjoy high-quality surround sound through speakers that can be hidden. And with automated blackout blinds and clever lighting, you can get a close representation of the true cinema feel.

Of course, all this can be automated so that you set the entire scene for movie night with the touch of a button.

Media room installation

Here at New Wave AV, we’re expert media room installers in Kent, and can help you create the perfect space to enjoy audio visual entertainment. Chat to us today to find out how we can transform your space, or book a demo at our Tonbridge showroom to view the possibilities for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

A media room is a multi-purpose space where you can enjoy the benefits of great audio-visual technology without needing the specific equipment and treatments required for a home cinema.

A home theatre is specially designed for the purpose of watching films and playing video games in a fully immersive environment, while a media room can be used for a variety of functions including children’s playdates, entertaining guests, and enjoying multimedia.

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