Home Cinema VS TV

These days, everyone is looking for bigger, better and smarter home set-ups. So why watch your favourite movie on a regular TV when you could invest in an impressive cinema room? It might sound flashy, but a home cinema specialist can completely enhance your viewing experience and will bring your favourite movies to life like never before.

Still unsure? Then let’s take a closer look at what a home cinema has to offer.

Impressive Audio

When you watch a movie on the TV, there’s a high chance you’ll have to play around with the sound. Sometimes it might sound really quiet, but when music plays or there’s a fight scene it can sound echoey or too loud. With a home cinema, you can enjoy the very best audio systems tailored to your home cinema room. Expert installers work with top products such as Artcoustic speakers which take surround sound to the next level. Depending on the home cinema plan you create with your installer, speakers can be introduced at different heights for an intensely immersive experience. It’ll be just like going to an actual cinema except you won’t have to drive or pay money for cinema tickets.

Highest Quality Projection

TVs have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and are far from small these days. But these still don’t compare with home cinema projection. Whether you’re converting a large basement into a full cinema with tiered seating or a smaller room into a movie nook, you can enjoy 4K video projection on a screen that’s suitable for that particular space. Sony Projectors, for instance, feature advanced SXRD panel technology which delivers images with more than four times the detail of full HD. Every pixel is crisp and sharp, providing vibrant punchy pictures even in a well-lit room.

Perfect Acoustics

Most families buy a TV and pop it in their living room. Job done. But when a home cinema is created, special thought is given to the acoustics to ensure the sound quality is as good as it can be. The design and install of home cinema rooms is taken extremely seriously and there are even room treatments available to optimise your audio experience. Travelling sound can be managed with a series of materials – think acoustic panels and flooring –  depending on your requirements and the room’s shape and size.

A Comfortable Layout

Home cinemas come in many different shapes and forms. You can choose a commercial looking cinema with tiered seating and a large projection screen at the front. If space is an issue, you might want speakers and your screen built around a cosy sofa and table so that you can snuggle up on a winter’s night and relax. Think carefully about what you want to achieve beyond just having a regular TV.

Home Cinema Specialists

If you’re looking for home cinema installers in Kent, contact New Wave AV today. Our expert installers work across Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex and will help make your cinema dreams come true.

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