The Benefits of Lutron Motorised Shades

Did you know that Lutron home automation has been specifically designed to provide the perfect lighting solution for each and every room? Advanced technology integrates with existing home automation systems such as Control4 in order to achieve lighting effects that are truly breath-taking. So with this in mind, here are five benefits of motorised shades and Lutron shading solutions.

  1. Electric Blinds Help to Regulate Natural Light

Exposure to natural light can be mood-enhancing. It also helps us to develop natural sleep/wake patterns while simultaneously reducing the amount of money we spend on artificial lighting. With electric blinds and shading options from Lutron, you can schedule your blinds to open and close at specific times of day to maximise the natural light. Schedules can be adjusted at the touch of a button either from a control panel or from a handheld device.

  1. Motorised Blinds Protect From Excessive Sun Exposure

Natural light can be great. But excessive sun exposure can also fade furniture and flooring over time or provide a glare that makes it hard to work or watch TV. The good news is, motorised blinds can lift up and down according to your shading needs. They can also be tilted to block out those annoying rays, as and when you need a darker environment. Motorised blinds can also be programmed to adjust automatically during the peak times of the sun, removing this responsibility from your shoulders.

  1. Electric Blinds Integrate into Whole House Routines

What’s really great about home automation systems is that you can literally wake your house up and then put it to bed again later. Your blinds can lift with your alarm and the bedroom lights can also switch on at the same time. And in the evening, the blinds close as the doors lock and the lights are dimmed. Lutron lighting really is that efficient and will save you from carrying out many mundane tasks.

  1. Motorised Blinds Improve Safety

If you’re away from home, but want your property to look occupied to avoid the risk of a break-in, then you can set your blinds to go up and down throughout the day. This will make it look like someone is inside your home and stop prying eyes from looking directly at the items inside your house. Motorised blinds are also free from chords and chains meaning that young children and pets won’t get caught up in them by accident.

  1. Many Personalisation Options

Lutron blinds and window treatments come in a wide range of colours, materials and textures to suit your property. This means you can benefit from the convenience of home automation while maintaining the interior design of your home.

Contact New Wave AV today for more information on Lutron lighting solutions for your home. As Lutron Certified Installers, we can enhance your daily life with practical, efficient lighting that can be adjusted with a single touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lutron Shades are a home automation feature that allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home via motorised curtains and blinds. They can be integrated into existing home automation systems in order to set complete home lighting scenes and routines.

Lutron shades can be adjusted via keypads, home control panels or portable smart devices.

Motorised shades are a practical and convenient investment that can make your living environment a lot more comfortable and luxurious. This is why many consumers believe they’re good value for money. Lutron blinds can be installed in one room or throughout the whole property depending on your needs and budget.

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