Investing in Smart Lighting

Whether you’re curled up watching a movie in the winter and want to create an ambient setting with soft lighting or are beavering away in the office and need the room well-lit, a smart lighting system can meet your every need. With Lutron Lighting, for instance, you can control the light in every area of your home via a smart device or a specialised remote. So let’s take a look at five more reasons why smart lighting might be right for you.

  1. You Can Create Your Own Ambience

Lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform a property. With intelligent and responsive settings accessible via smart devices, remotes or wall panels, you can create the perfect ambience for each occasion. From romantic dinners and sofa snuggles to dark winter mornings, you can light your house as you please.

  1. You Can Switch off all Lights – From Bed

Let’s face it. We’ve all snuggled down into bed only to realise that we’ve left the hallway or bathroom light on. The good news is, a smart lighting control system allows you to turn all lights off via your smart device, so you don’t have to get up to rectify the issue. You can also turn specific lights back on too should you wake up in the dark.

  1. Smart Lighting can be Controlled Remotely

If you’ve gone to work and left a light on, you can turn this off remotely. This means you won’t have to worry about wasting electricity or money. Similarly, if you’ve set the lights to come on at a set time in the evening but decide to work late or go out for a meal, you can simply adjust the settings.

  1. Smart Lighting Improves Property Security

Holidays should be fun. But if you’re worried about the security of your property, this could ruin your happiness. With smart lighting, however, it’s possible to turn lights on and off periodically so it looks like you’re at home. This is a good deterrent for intruders.

  1. Smart Lighting is a Money-Saver

Turning the lights on is one thing. But with dimming settings and timers, you can save electricity and avoid spending money unnecessarily. Shading solutions also consume far less energy compared to traditional lighting systems, helping to reduce your energy usage by up to 40%. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference and, with energy prices rising, it’s well-worth doing all you can to minimise charges.

  1. You Can Create a Routine

Imagine a home in which soft lighting switches on in your bedroom just after your alarm or relaxing lighting is created in the living room after dinner so you can sit back and relax. Thanks to intelligent lighting settings, you can create the perfect routine which can be adapted to your requirements at any time.

Find out more about home automation installation services today with New Wave AV and enjoy all the benefits of smart lighting and a connected home. Smart lighting specialists will also bear in mind the design and architecture of the lights in your home and be able to install the right kind of fittings for maximum effect. 

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