Control4 Helping you Control the Outdoors

People are spending an increasing amount of time enjoying their outdoor areas, which have become of greater value to many in recent times. Creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor life is possible with a home automation system installation, transforming the way you enjoy your property. We’ll show you some of the ways you can automate the outdoor smart features of your home, creating a truly unique and adaptable outdoor space for you to savour.

Outdoor lighting

Your home doesn’t have to stop looking striking once the sun sets; outdoor lighting can highlight its architectural qualities, whether traditional or contemporary. Illuminated paving, decking and other garden features also take on a magical aspect at night, offering a space that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. With outdoor automation, you can easily adjust your outdoor lighting to achieve the exact mood you want to create. As well as providing a pleasing ambience, an automated lighting system can brighten paths and driveways for safe navigation and added security.

Outdoor Audio

Rivalling lighting for top spot, carefully placed audio sources are an excellent way to imbue your outdoors with a special atmosphere. When considering an automated audio installation, you need devices that are not only durable and weatherproof, but that can also be placed in discrete spots. It’s also a wise idea to opt for outdoor audio devices that are powerful enough to create an immersive sound, but that can still be fine-tuned with adjustable audio direction. With Control4’s specially selected outdoor speakers, you can take the party outside without sacrificing audio fidelity – or your neighbour’s evening.

Using the Control4 App means you can simply stream high-resolution music straight to your outdoor speakers with ease. The only difficult choice you’ll face is which song to play next.

Outdoor Networking

Introducing speedy, reliable networking capabilities to your garden has a range of benefits, helping connect your property’s functions for a true smart home experience. You can add a weatherproof outdoor access point to expand your Wi-Fi network outside your home, allowing you to work remotely in the peace and quiet of your garden. And as an added benefit, you won’t be reliant on 4G networking when looking to stream music or other media outdoors.

Outdoor TVs

Garden cinemas are a rising trend that will impress your friends and family, allowing you to enjoy a range of entertainment together in the open air. Whether you’re longing to host a movie night under the stars or calling your friends over to watch the big game, being outdoors doesn’t mean you need to miss a moment.

As your standard indoor TV is not suited for outdoor conditions or glaring sun, it’s important to have a product that’s fit for purpose. Fortunately, Control4 can provide anti-glare smart TVs that are specially designed for outdoor use, providing a cinematic viewing experience, no matter the time of day or year.

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