Custom Smart Home

Technology has greatly changed and enhanced the way we live, with custom smart home innovations creating exciting living spaces. Thanks to the development of internet-connected devices, homeowners can remotely monitor and manage the smart appliances in their home, taking full control of lighting, security, temperature, entertainment and more. So, how can you get the smart home of your dreams? Here’s a useful guide.

Pick Your Smart Home Features

First and foremost, think of the sort of smart home you want, including the features that will ‘wow’ guests and make your life a whole lot easier. There are many different products and services available which can be linked through Control4 automation. This allows you to control various smart features with a universal remote control and/or touchscreen panels and devices, depending on preference. When considering the innovations that take your fancy, it’s worth working through the house room by room.

Security and Home Entry

Your home is one of your most important assets. So why wouldn’t you protect it with the help of smart security? With smart security systems, cameras and sensors across your home, you’ll be alerted to intruders and can keep an eye on who comes and goes remotely. While everything from CCTV surveillance to gate and door access can all work as individual systems, a smart home system will help them work together for 24/7 security.

Smart home specialists can also help you to create whole-home scenes to prevent break-ins. If a CCTV system spots an intruder, for example, the doors can lock and an alarm can sound. The lights, TV or sound system can even switch on at certain times of day in a ‘mockupancy’ routine. This is perfect for families that travel a lot.


The hallway is a great place for a smart thermostat. These can learn your routine, be controlled remotely and can help minimise waste. If you’re not going to be home at the normal time, simply adjust the settings from your smartphone. Smart heating also knows when to heat the boiler and what temperature you prefer. It can also sync with other technology such as lighting, blinds and Audio Video systems to wake the whole house up in a smart way.

Entertainment Spaces

Whether you hang out in the living room, kitchen, dining room or wander between all three, you can create a smart living space that supports high-quality audio. Thanks to discrete ceiling speakers and quality outdoor speakers, you can move from room to room without missing a single second of your favourite song, podcast or radio station. You can also easily access playlists, music and stations through your tablet device or a dedicated touchscreen.

Motion sensors are also a great addition to any frequently used room. These detect whether anyone is using that room and can turn the lights on and off or the temperature up and down accordingly. This helps to conserve energy. Light sensors also monitor daylight levels in your home and can dim the lights when needed.

New Wave AV are smart home specialists operating in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex. Get in touch for smart home integration using Control4.

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