Opting for Discreet Speakers

Gone are the days where big, bulky speakers were the only option for a music system or home cinema room. Now, you can get your hands on discreet speakers that will complement the interior of your property without compromising performance or sound quality. Knowing what’s out there is half the battle. So let’s find out how to choose the right discreet speakers.

What are Artcoustic Speakers?

Any home cinema specialist or smart home provider will tell you that that design matters. So it’s important to think carefully about the products you invest in and what they’ll look like once they’re installed. Chunky, wall-mounted speakers can be quite an eyesore. But with a little research and thought, you can find something much more sophisticated and attractive.

Artcoustic, for example, has been creating groundbreaking, world-class loudspeakers since 1998, pushing the limits of convention to deliver impeccable sound quality in a unique way. In fact, Artcoustic speakers are a go-to for many home cinema installers looking to provide the very best results for clients. So why choose Artcousic?

  • High End Performance

The quality you can expect from Artcoustic speakers is second to none. Artcoustic is an industry leader in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) per watt, due to the high sensitivity of each loudspeaker, making it easy to achieve reference dynamic range with very low amplifier power. This might sound technical but the crucial takeaway here is that Artcoustic speakers will deliver crystal clear sound quality to even the biggest of cinema rooms. If you’re working with a smaller space, sound can be adjusted accordingly and there are Artcoustic products that will meet your criteria.

  • Discreet Installation

With so many award-winning Artcoustic speakers to choose from, you can find the right product for your property. The design and install of home cinema rooms is different for everyone, so choose from on-wall, floor standing, in-ceiling, soundbars, subwoofers and cinema loudspeakers to make your dream space a reality. Artcoustic prioritises discreet installation, so forget big, intrusive systems and think sleek and inconspicuous instead.

  • Customisable Options

Artcoustic speakers are available in the neutral shades of black and white as standard. A black in-ceiling speaker would be hardly visible in a dark cinema room, again demonstrating how discreet these products are. That said, Artcoustic speakers are also highly customisable. This means you can personalise the speakers to suit your interior. You can pick a cabinet colour that best suits your room and choose a front cover to match your speaker. You can also cover the speaker in a printed artwork of your choice so that it doesn’t look like a speaker at all, but instead makes an artistic statement.

If you’re interested in discreet speakers for your home cinema or multi media room, contact New Wave AV. Our expert installers operate across Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex and will be happy to offer a consultation.

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