Immersive home cinemas

Few would deny that the best way to watch a film – or even an epic TV series such as Game of Thrones – is to become completely immersed in the action. After all, it’s why commercial cinemas still draw in huge audiences for blockbusters. For those looking to create an immersive home cinema room in their homes, an immersive atmosphere is critical to an authentic experience. Let’s explore how to create an immersive space that draws you into every movie.

The space itself

The ideal immersive home cinema is rectangular in shape, and with few or no windows. Natural light can prove distracting if it’s allowed to creep under blinds or reflect off the screen, and it’s for this reason that basements or garages are popular options for cinema room conversions. Spaces that are square or irregularly shaped can present issues with sound, which is why a rectangular room is best suited to an immersive experience. Nevertheless, even if your chosen room does present challenges, a team of good home cinema installers can help you make the most of it.

Screen and projector

A television can work well for a cinema room, but for optimal immersion, a projector and screen are the top choice. A 4K projector offers unrivalled detail, delivering a higher pixel density and greater contrast. You’ll also benefit from a higher frame rate, which provides superior image smoothness. All of these factors help to deliver a realistic, heart-of-the-action experience.


Surround sound is another essential for the true immersive home cinema experience. With sound coming from the front, sides and back of the space, you’ll feel as if cars are really driving past you into the distance, or that an explosion really is all around you. Your home cinema installation team will position and calibrate your speakers to create the desired effect.

Acoustic treatment

Specialists and audiophiles alike will agree that your acoustic treatments are almost as important as your speaker system. Corner bass traps, acoustic panels and sound absorbing materials eliminate unwanted reflections, ensure a predictable bass response, and preserve the detail and dynamic range of the soundtrack. Again, this is to create an effect that’s as realistic as possible, allowing you to imagine yourself inside the world of the film.


One aspect that may get overlooked when creating an immersive home cinema is the seating. Key to each individual’s experience is an optimal seating arrangement that accounts for sight lines, speaker locations, and viewer preferences. Being able to see the light from your kids’ phones or finding your view partly obstructed can ruin the overall effect, so your home theatre experts will ensure everyone in the room has the perfect vantage point.

Adding to your seat comfort with things like cupholders and chargers can also enable you to stay connected, hydrated and nourished without needing to get up or break your concentration.

Immersive home cinema rooms with New Wave AV

As home entertainment and automation specialists serving Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex, our team can design and install a fully immersive home cinema in your chosen space. Contact New Wave AV today to discuss your project or arrange a demonstration at our purpose-built showroom in Tonbridge.

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