Designing the perfect home cinema 

If you love movies, you’ll agree that nothing compares to seeing them on the big screen. That is, after all, how they’re made to be watched. But with overpriced snacks, distracting conversations between other cinema-goers, and no way to pause if you need to nip out, a commercial cinema isn’t always the most relaxing or immersive experience. That’s where a home cinema comes in. Here’s how to create the perfect environment for your viewing pleasure.


When it comes to home cinema design, proper planning is key. Think about how many people you can seat in the space, and how far they’ll need to be from your screen. Also determine what storage you’ll require, and if modifications will need to be made to allow for, say, a drop down projector, or acoustic wall panels.

Getting the design right is key, which is why we always recommend speaking to a professional before proceeding with any work. As expert home cinema designers in Kent, we at New Wave AV can help you determine the perfect design and layout for your home cinema, so that it offers the best possible audio-visual quality, and maximum comfort.


When you’ve decided on the logistics and layout of the room, you’ll need to choose equipment that suits its size and style, as well as your budget. For the best quality picture, we use Sony projectors, which are compact, stylish and easy to use, and deliver native 4K resolution images.

In terms of sound, we often recommend Artcoustic speakers for their discreet design. If you want to make more of a statement, you can have the speaker covers digitally printed with a favourite artwork or photograph, to add panache to your home cinema setup. Where your speakers are positioned will also affect your viewing experience, so consider whether you’d like freestanding speakers by the projector screen, for example, or positioned around you for immersive surround sound.

Your specialist installers can also recommend any treatments you may need, such as acoustic treatments or soundproofing, which will help to optimise sound quality.


The final consideration is the aesthetics of the room. What sort of style makes you feel most relaxed? As far as lighting and seating is concerned, the sky is the limit. You can choose wall mounted uplighters for a classic feel or spotlights in the ceiling and LEDs along the floor for a cosy ambience. Seats can be anything from a comfy sofa to commercial-style cinema seats with a reclining function, USB ports for charging devices, and a cupholder for drinks. It’s really down to your own taste and preferences.

Design the perfect home cinema room

Here at New Wave AV, our experienced home cinema installers in Kent can help you create the perfect ambience for your room. We’ll advise on everything from your home cinema layout to your equipment, and complete the installation on your behalf with the minimum of fuss. Get in touch today to book a demonstration at our showroom in Tonbridge.

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