Discreet Speakers

The right audio setup can completely transform a media and games room or a home cinema. Powerful speakers will also make movie nights so much more thrilling, entertaining and immersive, so it’s really important to find speakers that deliver the ‘wow’ factor. The good news is, Artcoustic speakers tick all the right boxes when it comes to sound quality, discreet installation, projection and design. Here’s everything you need to know about Artcoustic.

Why Artcoustic?

Artcoustic speakers have been designed and refined since 1998. This means that in today’s market they’re leading the way when it comes to efficiency, dynamics and high-quality sound. Their award-winning collection of speakers performs amongst the highest in their class. As a result, Artcoustic has become a widely respected brand, known for delivering the finest music and cinema systems worldwide. Artcoustic installers have access to some of the best products on the market and can adapt the speaker setup depending on the space available and client needs.

  • Flexible and Discreet Installation

Every home cinema specialist will tell you that creating the perfect surround sound is no guessing game. Time is needed to mathematically calculate where each speaker should go and products are carefully selected to achieve the desired results. To make things easier, Artcoustic offers a wide range of speaker products allowing for flexible, flawless and discreet installation. Speakers available include on-wall, floor standing and in-ceiling. There are also soundbars, subwoofers and cinema loudspeakers to help achieve outstanding sound quality.

  • High-End Performance

Artcoustic home cinema speakers deliver a high-end performance time and time again thanks to the technology and design of each system. Artcoustic is an industry leader in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) per watt, with speakers achieving an incredibly high output. Each speaker delivers an open and transparent sound, typically only associated with Hi-Fi, point source speakers, while using high sensitivity and sound pressure levels associated with a compression-horn type design. Sound can be adjusted according to the size of your room and various speaker sizes are available to match your setup. Expert installers will be able to help you choose the right Artcoustic speakers for your project.

  • Customisable Speaker Options

What’s also great about Artcoustic speakers is that they’re far from traditional. They’re not big and bulky like the speakers of the past and can be integrated into any environment seamlessly. Available in black and white as standard, Artcoustic speakers can also be customised to suit your living space. Choose a cabinet colour and screen colour to complement your room and why not disguise your speaker as a printed artwork to make a statement through sound? Choose from one of Artcoustic’s designs or customise your speaker with an image of your choice.

If you’re interested in Artcoustic speakers for video integrated systems, media rooms, TV rooms and home cinemas contact New Wave AV today. Our Artcoustic installers work across Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex and will help you to achieve your dream setup. It’s really amazing what

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