Smart Ideas for your Man Cave

If you want to retreat from the stresses of everyday life, why not create a smart man cave that you can enjoy at your leisure? With smart technology and Control4 automation, your dreams will come true in no time. So here are some ideas to ponder the next time you’re longing for some alone time in a tailored and super modern environment.

  1. Create a Hidden Home Cinema

Man caves are multi-purpose spaces, but often they’re used for gaming or streaming media. So how about creating a hidden home cinema that can come to life whenever you need it? From dropdown projector screens and automated lighting to window shading and discreet speakers, your man cave can transform from a functional living space to a movie lover’s paradise. With all the right technology and audio equipment, you could also enjoy an immersive gaming experience like never before. Invite your friends over and make as much noise as you like – away from the scrutiny of your family.

If a hidden screen is necessary, there are many options available. Opt for a projector that drops down from the ceiling at the touch of a button and rolls up again when finished. Or create a bespoke wall for a hidden TV – think moving panels that slide away to reveal the screen. As for speakers, these can be discreet too. The Artcoustic range offers state-of-the-art surround sound, without disturbing the visual aesthetics of your space. Indeed, they can be crafted with a specified digital image. So, whether you’re a car lover, avid golfer or want a music legends man cave, you can choose an image to be printed onto the speaker cover for a unique finish.

  1. Create Atmospheric Lighting Scenes

The right lighting can completely transform your man cave. From Starscape ceilings and LED strips to spotlights, dimmers and coloured lighting – the choice is yours. You can even create specific lighting scenes according to your activity and mood. So whether you’re playing a game of pool or darts with friends or are settling down to watch the latest blockbuster, you can control the lighting settings through your Control4 wall panel, remote or mobile app.

  1. Enjoy Automated Climate Control

Ensure your man cave is accessible and comfortable all year round by investing in automated climate control. Smart thermostats will respond to outside conditions and learn your habits, so that the man cave is always the right temperature. As smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely, it’s possible to switch on the lights and heating before you’re even home from work so that you can dive straight into your cave for some much needed downtime.

If you’re looking for smart home installers in Kent, contact New Wave AV. Our Control4 experts work across Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex and are experts at installing home cinema rooms, media rooms and all the technology you need for a smart home. Man caves can be tailored to your needs, so

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