Saving energy at home

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, even those with disposable income are looking for ways to save on day-to-day costs. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but a smart home can be an excellent way to reduce utility expenses. Here’s how you can start saving energy at home with the help of a home automation specialist.

Does home automation save energy?

Home automation doesn’t only increase your convenience, and it can also save energy. Systems such as smart heating enable you to do all sorts of things that weren’t possible a couple of decades ago, while smart lighting systems mean that even if your kids leave lights on all over the house, it needn’t lead to arguments about high energy bills.

How much energy can home automation save?

Estimates suggest that home automation energy efficiency could save you as much as 10-15% on your bills, provided you reduce usage at the optimum times. This could equate to as much as £150 per year – with particular savings in the winter months.

How can I save energy with home automation?

There are multiple ways in which you can achieve better energy efficiency at home with smart products. Let’s take a look at the key options.

Smart heating

Here in the UK, we don’t have much need for cooling systems, but in the winter, most of us put the heating on for at least a couple of hours a day. With a smart thermostat, you have all sorts of options for reducing your energy usage, the most obvious being remote access that enables you to turn the heating down if you’re unexpectedly detained at work or heading to a social event.

There are also integrated heating options, which enable you to only have the heating on in rooms that you’re using, meaning you don’t waste energy warming a room that’s empty. In time, many systems learn your habits and can adjust accordingly, ensuring even greater efficiency.

Smart lighting

With smart lighting such as Lutron, you can ensure your lights only turn on when necessary. Motion sensor lights can be activated when someone is in a room and switched off again when they leave, ensuring you and your family don’t end up wasting energy. You can also remotely control lighting so that all lights in the house can be switched off at the touch of a button – when you leave for work, for example, or when you go to bed.

With systems like Control4, your lights can be programmed to respond to natural light levels. As more daylight enters through the windows, lights dim or turn off, helping you to save on both electricity and cash.

Smart appliances

In recent years, the number of automated appliances has grown, meaning that everything from fridges and coffee makers to vacuum cleaners and food composters can be connected to the Wi-Fi and used efficiently. Some are designed to shut off after sitting dormant for a certain amount of time, meaning you don’t use more electricity than necessary.

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