AI and smart homes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies of the modern day, revolutionising how we interact with our living spaces. When paired with smart homes it has the power to create a whole new experience that takes simplicity and convenience to the next level. Here, we explore how smart homes and AI are evolving.

The interaction of AI and smart technology

The rise of smart technology brought more convenience into our homes, enabling us to do everything from control the thermostat remotely using a mobile device to stream content on our TVs. With the introduction of voice assistants, AI became more accessible, enabling us to enjoy a basic level of automation. We could, for example, give a bedtime command to Amazon Alexa that turned off all the lights except those in the bedroom, which would dim to a comforting level.

Advanced AI for smart homes

With more advanced AI, however, more is possible. Our smart homes don’t simply work on our command, they ‘learn’ our habits and adapt to our needs – without us having to lift a finger. Let’s look at an example:

Predictive analytics enables smart devices to gather data on our preferences and daily routines. Take a smart thermostat; this would respond to commands and, over time, begin to adapt to our needs without manual input. The temperature of our home might increase when we wake (perhaps alongside the automated blinds being raised and the coffee machine brewing a cappuccino), and be turned off when we leave for work. It might then switch on shortly before we usually come home each evening, so that we return to a warm and inviting house. Not only that, the thermostat may also take into account the weather forecast and outdoor temperature, increasing the warmth of our home when it’s colder outside.

Predictive analytics not only makes our experience more enjoyable and comfortable, it helps to improve energy efficiency too. It can ensure that lights and heating aren’t left on unnecessarily, or that charging of devices or use of appliances such as washing machines occurs during off-peak tariff times.


Smart home setups that include security systems can also benefit from AI. With technology such as facial recognition, the difference between familiar and strange faces can be detected, triggering actions such as an alert sent to a mobile device, should an intruder be identified on the property. Homeowners can then take remote action if necessary. The addition of such technology to residences delivers not only more comprehensive security, but also peace of mind.

Integrating AI for a more comfortable lifestyle

The combination of artificial intelligence and smart homes redefines modern living, ensuring our day-to-day needs are met with minimal manual input. If you’re looking for a fully automated experience, contact New Wave AV today. Our specialist smart home installers will tailor a system to suit your requirements, bringing a new level of convenience to your life. We cover Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex, and will be happy to give you a demonstration of the possibilities available at our showroom in Tonbridge.

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