Choosing a Professional Smart Home Installer

Smart home systems connect gadgets and create a living environment that’s both fun and economical. From innovative lighting and heating solutions to impressive security features and advanced entertainment for the whole family, smart homes are remarkable. But how can you pick the right smart home installer to get the job done properly?

Choose a Qualified Installer with Top Accreditations

Firstly, it’s important to choose a smart home installer that’s accredited by a recognised national or international body such as CEDIA. This is proof that the company you’re looking at represents the highest level in Custom Electronic Design and Installation standards. It’s also a good idea to check out other accreditations to see how the company is performing. For example, when Googling ‘smart home installers near me,’ look for installers that have been awarded Control4 Partners of the year or have teamed up with well-known brands such as Lutron or Artcoustic. Such associations help to show an installer is reputable.

Check Out Customer Reviews and Ratings

In today’s modern world, 95% of online consumers read reviews before investing in a product or service. Reviews provide valuable information about the quality, care, professionalism and reliability of the smart home specialists in your local area. Read about the experiences other customers have had in the past and choose a smart home installer with the best ratings and feedback. Failing to look at reviews in detail could result in a poor choice of installer.

Look at the Company Website

First impressions count and a reputable company is likely to have a good website. As well as being well-presented and packed with information about the range of services offered, the website should also detail how many years the business has been in operation. Ideally, you’ll be able to find out more about their portfolio too, with photos of previously completed projects available. This will help you decide if the style of their work fits your requirements.

Choose an Installer with Showrooms

When it comes to smart home automation, choose a smart home installer with showrooms in your area. An installer who has taken the initiative to open one or more showrooms isn’t afraid to showcase their products first-hand and is happy to give consumers a face-to-face rundown of the technology that’s available. Experienced installers will also be able to recommend smart home setups based on client requests and will give them something to go home excited about. Look for installers and specialists that are enthusiastic and get excited about new projects.

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