As a world-leader in high-end smart home automation, Control4 is compatible with thousands of third-party devices and is designed to bring sophisticated levels of comfort, convenience and customisation to the modern home. Control4 home automation costs differ depending on whether you want to invest in a single setup such as Smart Lighting or whether you want the complete Whole Home experience. The latter virtually connects all of the technology in your home, all controllable via touchscreen keypad, voice and app access. But is Control4 worth the money?

Is Control4 Any Good?

Whole-Home automation systems are not new, but they’ve certainly increased in popularity over the past few years. And it’s easy to see why. Control4 automation is all about creating a unique home environment that adapts to your way of living. Thanks to its hassle-free and intelligent interface, Control4 is ideal for tech-savvy households as well as those who are still coming to terms with how fast the technology sector is moving.

As you can choose lighting, security, heating, energy and entertainment settings that suit you and sync devices you already own, the focus of Control4 is very much on creating a fun and stress-free environment – no matter what room you’re in. While you’ll have to shell out for the equipment and installation from a Control4 dealer who will help you decide exactly what automation systems you could benefit from, the idea is to create a home that’ll adapt to your mood, schedule and what’s going on at that particular moment. You can even take complete control of your property/s when you’re away from home, allowing you to travel far and wide while keeping a close eye on one of your most important assets.

Control4: How Does it Work?

Control4 automation requires specialist installation that depends on the needs of each client. While some people might just want smart lighting or improved security, others require whole home automation that requires an intricate setup. But don’t worry, Control4 dealers know exactly how to install this level of automation so that it works best for your property. There are different things to bear in mind such as how well wi-fi works in various parts of the house as well as the property layout – but leave all this to the professionals.

In terms of functionality, your dealer will install the hardware and will configure everything on your system, from the software to make attached devices compatible to specific device settings and scenes. The one key component you’ll need in order for home automation to work smoothly is a Control4 controller – a smart hub that connects your network to any compatible technology. This is the brains of the operation and there are many different Control4 controllers available depending on the level of automation you opt for.

Controlling your Control4 system, and all of the tech you have set up within it, is done in a number of ways. If you’ve an EA controller going into your TV’s HDMI input, you can see the Control4 UI on that TV and can navigate this via a universal remote. You can also control the Control4 system via a dedicated touchscreen panel. These can go in a wall or sit on a table. Such touchscreen panels can also be operated via a mobile phone or tablet. The Control4 mobile experience has, in fact, recently been improved for iOS users. There are less apps to use and more ways to use those that exist. The Control4 OS 3 App for iOS now includes intercom functionality, allowing Apple customers to finally delete their Intercom Anywhere app. If you have multiple Control4 homes, an incoming call will automatically connect through the Control4 App.

As well as using Control4 through a touchscreen, there are also keypads that wire into regular light switches. These can be configured to turn lights on and off. They can also be used to trigger Control4 ‘scenes.’ Scenes are routines that automate smart home actions. So, you could have a ‘good morning’ scene that turns the lights on slowly, switches off the alarm, tunes into your favourite radio station and even puts the kettle on. The same can also be done in the evening with a ‘good night’ scene. This might turn off the lights, lower the blinds and ensure all the doors are securely locked to improve security.

What Can Control4 Control?

When it comes to weighing up the cost of a home automation system, it’s important to know what you get for your money. The good news is that there are many Control4 products available that can be tailored to your preferences and needs. Whole-home automation, for instance, is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to bring their home to life in an imaginative and convenient way. As discussed, your Control4 home will be powered by a system controller – the brain of your home. Then, by using a Control4 interface – like a handheld remote, wall keypad or touchscreen – you can connect to wired and wireless devices allowing you to adjust the thermostat, start music through the house, close the blinds, turn on the lights, activate security cameras and more. By setting scenes, you can create regular routines for your property to make life a whole lot simpler.

If you’re not quite ready for the complete Control4 assistant, you can select individual products such as Smart Lighting, Home Security, Intercom Anywhere, Home Theatre, Multi-Room Audio and more. Remember, with both touch and voice activation available, these systems also adjust to your requirements. Entering the house with your hands full? Simply ask your home what you want it to do and watch it respond.

Deciding whether Control4 is worth the money is a personal choice. But as one of the most affordable systems out there with a wide range of setup options for a luxurious lifestyle, it’s definitely worth considering.

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