Sonos system and Control4

Audiophiles will already understand the benefits of a whole-home audio system. Whether you’re a classic rock fan, an avid podcast consumer or an audiobook enthusiast, being able to seamlessly enjoy audio content throughout your home has great advantages. Move from one room to the next without missing a beat or mishearing the latest headlines, and activate each speaker from a single app. With home automation, your listening experience is truly enhanced.

Can Control4 control Sonos?

In 2016, Sonos announced its partnership with Control4, thus making the Sonos experience even richer. While Sonos enables you to build a whole-home audio network, with Control4 your system can integrate with other automated aspects of your home, feeding into a holistic living experience that you’ll soon wonder how you got by without.

One of the advantages of Sonos and Control4 is that there’s no need to worry if you only have one or two Sonos speakers. Instead of replacing those you may have from other brands, Control4 can integrate everything, syncing all speakers to one multi-room system and enabling you to enjoy audio as you choose. You can even hide speakers to maintain the streamlined design of your rooms, and operate everything via a single interface or smartphone app.

Fully integrated experience

As mentioned above, choosing Control4 automation enables you to sync your Sonos system with other functions in your home. Imagine it’s 6 am on Monday morning. Your blinds rise, your lighting and heating adjust, and your morning playlist kicks in – all without you having to lift a finger – to give you the smoothest possible start to your week. With Control4 home automation, this can be a reality. And as well as programming specific scenes and functions to occur automatically, you can control ad hoc commands all through one interface.

Customise your scenes

A final benefit of integrating Sonos with Control4 is that you can create custom scenes and access them with the simple touch of a button. If you regularly entertain, for example, you can create the perfect party atmosphere with mood lighting – even coloured lighting if you desire – as well as a shift in the indoor temperature, and your party playlist. You can even turn on outdoor lights and ensure the music reaches those in the garden.

Alternatively, make your Friday night movie an event by lowering the motorised shades, dimming the lights and turning on your TV and audio system. You can even create a home cinema by adding a projector and screen that automatically lower. Again, all this can be achieved with a single touch.

As a Control4 diamond dealer, we at New Wave AV provide a full range of home automation installation services in Kent and beyond, helping you transform your home. We’ll ensure you get the very best from your Sonos system and any other systems you wish to integrate, enjoying a seamless experience every day.

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