How a Making your Home Smarter can Add Value

Technology has become an increasingly important part of our daily routines, with most homeowners embracing smart gadgets and appliances that make life easier and more enjoyable. There’s a good chance that your home already boasts a smart device, which may even be saving you time or energy as you read this article. With some planning and research, you can make your home a truly ‘smart’ one – and even more valuable. In this short guide, we’ll show you how.

What Makes a ‘Smart Home’?

Any property with devices or appliances that are connected to a smartphone or controller – either by Wi-Fi, 4G or Bluetooth – can be called a smart home. This lets you interact with different smart devices remotely, even if you are away from home.

In practise, this means you can remotely control your home’s lights, thermostat, audio speakers, security systems and more from the touch of a button; no more running around to flick hidden switches. This is what is commonly referred to as a “connected smart home,” where your gadgets and appliances are linked to one device.

What Are Its Benefits?

The ability to control and monitor your house’s technology is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws. As well as offering remarkable convenience and flexibility, it also makes your home far more accessible and controllable. Having your technology linked to one gadget makes it easier to monitor your home’s key functions and utilities, therefore providing better energy management.

Introducing smart technology can also make your property more secure. Alarm systems, security cameras and automatic lights are all excellent deterrents for any would-be intruders. Many smart homes even include features that create noise and flashing lights to warn homeowners in a worst-case scenario.

Does Home Automation Increase Home Value?

With an increasing demand for homes fitted with smart technology, having connected features around your property can make it a more attractive prospect for buyers. This is especially true when your home has embedded appliances that increase its accessibility, efficiency, and security. The latter is particularly relevant for families seeking a new home that will offer protection and peace of mind.

Purchasing and installing larger appliances and smart technology for home use may seem costly, but the potential increase to your home’s value could make these devices a shrewd investment. Conversely, gadgets such as smart plugs and light bulbs can cost as little as £20, meaning you can start adding smart features to your home within a budget.

Is It Safe?

In short, having a smart home is safe. As with all devices that connect to the internet, there is a small risk that hackers may try to access your smart home products. However, strong account passwords and secure Wi-Fi networks will greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

Additionally, downloading the most recent firmware updates for your smart gadgets will make them far less vulnerable to a hacker’s attempts. Specialist smart home technology installers can ensure that your devices are not only properly wired and fitted, but are also optimally protected from digital threats.

Looking for Smart Installation for Your Home?

Let New Wave AV help you add value to your property and convenience to your life with smart features. Contact us today to find out about our products and services.

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