Smart homes for seniors

Comfort and convenience are things that many of us are growing to expect in our daily lives, and smart technology is one route to improving our day-to-day living experience. But smart homes can also be a source of security and peace of mind for older homeowners, especially if carers often visit.

What technologies are beneficial for seniors?

A range of technologies can make smart homes for seniors convenient and safe. Some of the best options for elderly homeowners include:

  • Smart doorbells – Doorbell assistants enable seniors to see who is at the door and speak to them if necessary before answering. Smart locks can also enable homeowners to allow access to certain guests such as family or carers without having to get up. This can not only provide an added level of convenience, but also extra security for the senior’s peace of mind and that of their family.
  • Smart lighting – Smart lighting makes things a little easier for seniors to get around during the night. A motion sensor can trigger a night light, enabling them to get to the bathroom without tripping or needing to fumble for a switch on the wall.
  • Voice assistants – Voice assistants can be invaluable for elderly people with mobility problems or visual impairment. With simple commands, lights can be switched on, thermostats adjusted and schedules kept to. For example, shopping lists can be created and appointments noted so they aren’t missed. Beyond this basic functionality, they can provide information about the weather or opening times of local shops and cafés, as well as entertainment in the form of music, audiobooks and more.
  • Appliances – Appliances such as smart fridges, coffee makers or vacuum cleaners can make the day-to-day life of seniors easier. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed to activate at a certain time each day, keeping the floors clean without any effort from the homeowner. A fridge can also notify residents if they’re running low on anything, helping them to ensure they have the essentials at all times.

Benefits for family and caregivers

Smart homes for seniors don’t only make life easier and safer for the homeowner. They also provide peace of mind for family and caregivers. Smart home technology for older people can be monitored by others, or can be programmed to give alerts if a specific event or a disruption to routine is detected. This enables relatives to rest assured their loved one is safe and to check on them periodically. It can also facilitate access to the senior’s home in the event of an emergency, bringing help quicker.

If you’re thinking of creating a smart home for an elderly relative, get in touch with New Wave AV today. Our expert smart home installers will assess the needs of the homeowner and design solutions to make their lifestyle more comfortable, convenient and secure. We’ll also recommend products and ensure their Wi-Fi can accommodate their smart home installation. Contact us today for a consultation in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London or Sussex.

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