Audio-visual solutions

With the development of private entertainment technologies, it’s now possible to faithfully recreate the commercial cinema experience in our homes. Smart audio-visual systems form the backbone of modern setups, seamlessly integrating screen, speakers and software to deliver a more immersive experience. Here, we take a look at what a high-end audio-visual solution can do for your big nights in.


While a 4K OLED TV is a great choice for media rooms, where you need your space to be multifunctional, a projector and screen is the best choice for home cinema installations or for anyone who wants a state-of-the-art experience. Choosing a 4K projector with advanced Silicon X Reflective Display (SXRD) technology means you’ll enjoy four times the detail compared to a Full HD TV. Every pixel is pin sharp, and precise contrast brings added realism, enabling you to become fully immersed in the action. This is essential for those who want to recreate the commercial cinema feel at home.


High-quality sound systems can take your audio to the next level. Whether you’re looking for multi-room functionality that enables you to seamlessly enjoy audio content across your home and in your garden, or you want a surround sound system for your home cinema or media room, a premium system can transform your experience. You’ll hear a fuller frequency range – including deeper bass notes – and greater detail, giving music a more concert-like effect and podcasts crisper, clearer sound reproduction.

Brands such as Artcoustic provide discreet speakers that can be tailored to match your decor, and with operating systems such as Control4, audio control can be integrated into your smart home system, providing full automation. Simply speak to your AV installers if you require your audio-visual products to be automated.

Commercial solutions

If you want your organisation to stand out from the competition, consider investing in a high-end audio-visual system. Improved sound and visuals can enhance everything from presentations, interactive learning experiences and on-site marketing to the feel of the overall workspace. Quality AV can facilitate more efficient collaboration and enhance communication, keeping employees and consumers engaged and resulting in higher productivity.

AV Operation

Having advanced audio-visual solutions doesn’t mean dealing with complicated setups and a plethora of controls. Many products can become part of your smart home system, meaning they can be operated with the touch of a button. You can choose whether to have the same audio played throughout your home or different audio in every room so that everyone can access their favourite playlists or podcasts. Again, with your chosen settings programmed into your automation system, minimal controls are required.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities that high-end audio-visual solutions provide, get in touch with New Wave AV today. Covering Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex, our experienced smart home team will discuss your requirements, fit your audio-visual equipment and integrate it with your existing home automation system for a seamless result. Contact us for a consultation and full demonstration at our Tonbridge showroom.

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