Smart Home Trends

Smart homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many families looking to revolutionise their space with the latest technology. Leading home automation system, Control4, plays a huge role in improving the safety, efficiency and connectivity of a property. But what smart home trends 2024 should you be looking out for? Let’s find out.

  • Smart Lighting

Professional smart home installers will tell you that unique lighting is all the rage. People want exciting, creative and innovative home lighting that illuminates key features and creates a specific type of mood. Feature lighting has come on leaps and bounds, with LED lighting and colour strips adding to the ambience of a room. Chandeliers, spotlights, lamps, dimmers and ceiling lights are all popular. Look out for RGBW with tunable white light as this offers an impressive spectrum allowing you to create whatever mood you please.

  • Smart Thermostats

With energy costs draining household budgets, smart thermostats will remain on trend for 2024. They may even become more popular as people realise the savings that can be made. Smart thermostats adjust to the weather outside, turning on only when needed. They can also learn your routines meaning an empty house will not be warmed unnecessarily. And if you stay late at work or go to the pub with friends, you can control the thermostat from your phone. Wasting energy can be a costly mistake, but smart thermostats prevent this from happening.

  • Voice Control

Following the popularity of voice controlled gadgets such as Alexa and Google Assistant, more and more devices are now compatible with voice control commands. Control4, for example, links connected devices in the home for the ultimate automated experience. While control pads, remotes and apps are available, the system is also compatible with voice control. You can quite literally tell your house what to do, whether that’s turning off all lights at night or setting the perfect ‘scene’ for dinner.

  •  Window Treatments

Forget waking up and opening the curtains manually. Smart window treatments will do the job for you. By creating a ‘morning scene’ you can activate dimmed lighting, turn on the radio, open the blinds and get your house ready for the day ahead. And at night, your blinds will close ready for a cosy night in. Integrated window treatments also allow your blinds and curtains to communicate with lighting levels and audio visual scenes. If you go away, blinds can open and close as normal for enhanced security.

Smart home trends are here to stay and with technology advancing all the time, devices will keep getting better and better. If you’re thinking about smart home installation, contact New Wave AV today. Our expert installers offer a professional service and operate across Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex.

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