Smart home climate control

The UK is not renowned for wall-to-wall sunshine, but when summer does arrive it’s reassuring to know that you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Integrating smart home climate control into your automation system can have many benefits, from convenience to financial savings, so let’s take a look at the advantages of investing in smart home cooling and heating.


We’ve all experienced a summer night when getting to sleep has been a challenge because of the heat. With smart home climate control, this experience becomes a thing of the past. You can link your smart thermostat to your air conditioning system to keep your house at the optimum temperature, just like you would with your heating system in the winter. No matter how hot it gets outside you can enjoy cool comfort inside, and with a smart system you can also programme the air conditioning to only operate in certain rooms. At night you can have only the bedrooms cooled, for example, while in the day you might choose to cool your living rooms and kitchen.

Remote control

Remote control functions are one of the most convenient aspects of a smart home. Whether you’re settled on the sofa watching a film or in bed at night, you can adjust the temperature without needing to get up. Simply use the interface installed by your chosen smart home specialists or use your mobile device.

When you’re away from home you can also have control over the system, just like with your heating. Simply access the climate control settings via your phone and switch the air conditioning on or off according to your needs. Of course, with systems like Control4, you can also programme the air conditioning to sync with other elements of your smart home, switching on when your window shading adjusts ready for your arrival home from work, for example.

Energy savings

Choosing smart home climate control can also result in energy savings. There are several ways it can help you to keep waste to a minimum and ensure you’re not overpaying for utilities:

  1. Your system can run in an energy saving mode to ensure your home stays at the optimal temperature without using the air conditioning unnecessarily.
  2. Integrating motion sensors can ensure that the air conditioning is not operating in rooms that are not in use.
  3. By programming the system, you can ensure air conditioning is not left running while you’re at work. Instead it will automatically switch on at your preferred time.
  4. You can programme your air conditioning to work alongside window shading in order to keep rooms warm or cool as desired. If blinds are blocking direct sunlight, the air conditioning won’t need to work as hard, meaning you save money on energy.

Smart home climate control in Kent

As smart home installers in Kent, we at New Wave AV can help you keep your home cool over the summer. We work with clients in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex, ensuring they enjoy optimal comfort and convenience thanks to the latest smart technology. Contact us today to book a demonstration.

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