Artcoustic speakers

If you love the experience of seeing a film on the big screen, the only thing better than heading to the cinema is being able to watch it cinema-style in your own home. Whether you have a dedicated home cinema room at your house or a multi-purpose media room, the key to a truly immersive experience is exceptional sound. 

Here, our home cinema specialists give you some top tips about how to achieve a setup that’s right for your space using state-of-the-art Artcoustic speakers.

  • The soundbar

For the most dramatic improvement in sound quality – whether you’re viewing on a TV or with a projector and screen – you’ll need to install a soundbar. You’ll immediately notice the richer sound, crisper dialogue and bolder bass. The Artcoustic soundbar has been created specifically for high-end 2.1 Dolby Atmos systems, bringing audiophile sound quality to your favourite movies and TV shows. What’s more, the elegant design and customisable finishes mean your soundbar isn’t intrusive, meaning you can focus on the experience.

  • The subwoofer

If you want to elevate your experience even further, add a subwoofer to your setup. This not only provides bolder bass, it also improves your other speakers’ performance, enabling them to deliver more mid-range sound. Artcoustic’s Sub Series is the brand’s most powerful yet, designed with cinema rooms and recording studios in mind. The range extends from the Sub Z, the smallest option, to the large Sub 4. However, many homeowners choose the CPH-200S, which is ideally suited to home cinemas and can reproduce low-frequency signals with optimum accuracy and minimal distortion right down to 30Hz.

  • The rear speakers

For 5.1 surround sound, you’ll want to add two rear speakers. These complete the puzzle, delivering immersive sound that draws you right into the drama of your favourite films and TV shows. The Spitfire range of Artcoustic speakers has been specifically tailored for cinema rooms and multi-media rooms, offering a slimline profile and adjustable vertical and horizontal array, meaning you can enjoy precise and powerful sound quality. The Spitfire A4 and A6 models are recommended for home cinema use, although the specialist Artcoustic installers at New Wave AV can help you determine which speakers are right for your space. 

  • The positioning

For the perfect audio experience, your Artcoustic speakers must be properly positioned and angled. If you place all your speakers at the front of your room, beneath the projector, you won’t be doing justice to the quality of your products – or to the time and effort put into movie audio to make it realistic. 

The best option is to seek assistance from an expert installer of Artcoustic home cinemas. With over 17 years’ experience in creating high-end home cinema rooms, we at New Wave AV can ensure you achieve the optimal speaker setup for your space. We can also integrate your speakers with your other smart home technology through systems such as Control4, bringing you the utmost convenience and control.

If you’re looking to enhance your home with Artcoustic products, get in touch with our team today. We work with clients across the South East, including Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex.

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