Examples of home automation systems

Smart home automation isn’t just about asking Alexa to turn on your lights or TV. Smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the way we experience our day to day lives, meaning that now there’s a whole host of options when it comes to automating your home. So what are some examples of home automation systems, and how can they make your life easier? Let’s take a look.

Automated appliance control

Automated appliance control systems enable you to manage your household appliances through a smartphone. Using an app, you can turn individual components such as smart ovens, dishwashers or washing machines on or off. That means you could get the oven heating up as you leave work, ready for you to cook dinner when you arrive home.

Robot vacuum cleaners are also a popular smart device. Vacuuming takes time, and a robot can be set up to vacuum at a specific time every day (or night), or simply instructed to clean at the touch of a button while you’re out.

The benefit of automated appliances is that they help you use electricity more efficiently, and with energy prices soaring, this could save you money. It also means it’s easier to stay on top of household chores when you have a hectic lifestyle.

Automated access

We all worry about the security of our property from time to time, and with automated access, you can be notified whenever someone tries to enter your home or grounds. Video doorbells are a great example of a smart home system that’s become popular in recent years. They alert you to the presence of visitors at your door and enable you to speak to them or see them from another part of your house or from your garden.

Automated access makes it harder for break-ins to occur, especially when you’re away from home, as you’re always notified when somebody is at your property. You can also say goodbye to missed deliveries if they arrive while you’re bathing the kids or taking the dog for a walk.

Smart media

Smart speakers and smart TVs are perhaps the best known smart devices. They enable you to listen to music or watch whatever you want, wherever you want – without the need for a cable. Smart speakers can also give you the weather forecast and the news headlines, or search the internet for you, while smart TVs enable you to stream services such as Netflix. These can, of course, be paired to your home automation hub to make controlling your home even easier.

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