You probably wouldn’t call on an electrician or plumber to come to install a product or fix a problem in your home without them meeting certain criteria, so it’s wise to do the same when it comes to choosing a home technology installer and look for a CEDIA member.

What exactly does ‘CEDIA’ mean?

During your search for professional in the smart home industry, you may have come across the orange CEDIA logo and information about a company being a member – but beyond the logo, what does it mean and how does it benefit you?

Simply put, CEDIA stands for the ‘Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’. It is a global trade association that installers can join to commit to best practice and continually educating themselves on the latest developments in the fast-moving world of home technology. CEDIA is the oldest and largest provider of education in the industry and exists to allow its members to lead the way when it comes to design, technical capabilities and customer service offered to clients.

All CEDIA members must follow the association’s Code of Ethics, upheld by the CEDIA Ethics Council, to ensure all members’ work is delivered with the utmost professionalism.

Not everyone invests in CEDIA membership, but those that do have access to vast educational resources, training and special events to keep them best informed on how to deliver industry-leading smart home systems.


How to find the right CEDIA member for you

There are over 300 CEDIA members in the country, and many found in the home counties and London area, so how do you know who is the right smart home installer for you?

Some installers will have particular areas of focus, like home cinemas, and each one will differ in size and scale of projects they usually take on. It is also important to note, that not all CEDIA members are the same and some have added credentials worth looking out for. For example, CEDIA ‘Certified Integrators’ are member companies that have successfully passed one or more of four of the CEDIA Certification exams, demonstrating a high level of expertise in installing technology in the home.

CEDIA Member of Excellence

In 2020 we were extremely proud to become a CEDIA Member of Excellence. This is only given to members with a record of award winning craftsmanship, and a dedication to advanced industry certifications, it’s our way of making sure we deliver the very best and that our quality is undisputed.

Hire CEDIA-trained home installers recognised for project excellence

Here at New Wave, we pride ourselves on having a talented team of CEDIA trained technology specialists who are equipped to handle everything from a media room project to a fully integrated smart home system, allowing you to control lighting, music and more at the click of a button. We continually invest in our staff’s education, whether that be with extra CEDIA training or manufacturer-specific courses, to ensure our staff are as up to date as possible on new technologies and how to deliver the most effective systems.

We have been CEDIA members since 2014, and our directors Kevin and Angus, have over 45 years combined experience in the professional home technology industry (yes, they are that old). As well as being association members and having CEDIA-certified staff on board, New Wave is also a certified CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider, meaning design professionals can come to us to find out more about smart home technologies.

New Wave has also been acknowledged several times as delivering some of the most impressive installations of the year at the industry’s prestigious CEDIA Awards (EMEA region) – including being finalists in the category of ‘Best Media Room – Level I’ in 2019 and ‘Best Home Cinema £40,000 – £120,000’ in 2017.


Experience professional quality with New Wave

When it comes to home technology installations, it always best to call on a CEDIA professional or else you run the risk of your smart home not being as ‘smart’ as you hoped. Look on the CEDIA website for installers close to you and check out Houzz to see reviews of the installer from customers who have hired them or companies that have worked with them.

New Wave AV’s Kent-based showroom is open for visits to see smart home technology in action to get a taste for how working with a CEDIA member installer can truly transform your home.

To find out more making an appointment to visit our showroom or to enquire about what we can do in your home, simply contact us for a chat.

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