Your Control4 Home with 4Sight

What if you could make your living environment completely personalised with the ability to adapt to your every need? Control4 home automation offers this luxury by providing a system that allows you to effortlessly control the technology in your home. You can even add Control4 4Sight for more options and features. So let’s find out more about this type of home automation and how it could benefit you.

What is 4Sight?

4Sight is an annual subscription service that enhances the home automation offerings of Control4. For example, when you sign up to 4Sight, you can enjoy:

  • Remote Access

With remote access via a handheld device, you can control any element of your home system from afar. So whether you’re sunbathing on a beach or travelling for business, you can keep an eye on your property at all times. This is an ideal feature for anyone who is away from home for a long time as well as people who feel more relaxed when the power is in their hands. From adjusting the temperature settings of your property to ensuring the garage door is closed or switching the lights on at night as a crime deterrent, there are many different automated solutions at your fingertips.

  • Voice Control

Control4 home automation with 4Sight also allows you to use your voice assistant to make hands-free adjustments to your home. Simply make voice commands to devices such as Josh, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and improve the comfort of your environment. This could include dimming lighting, turning the heating up on those chillier nights or even skipping a song on your playlist. Want to draw the blinds? Then your wish is 4Sight’s command.

  • Advanced Notifications

4Sight allows you to customise and personalise push notifications so that you can be alerted about important household issues. Notifications can be sent directly to a mobile phone, tablet or Apple Watch and will help you feel more in control. Find out when family members come and go, when visitors swing by, when a motion detector senses movement or if a garage door is left open. You can even discover a water leak in the basement before it causes too much damage (hopefully).

To find out more about how to enjoy an automated living experience with Control4 products, contact our team at New Wave AV, a Control4 diamond dealer in Tonbridge about our home automation installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Control4 differs according to your wants and needs, but many people consider the practicalities of home automation to be priceless. After all, it can make a home so much more welcoming. Costing is based on the number of rooms you need automation in. While some people require single room installation, others want their entire property wired up and connected accordingly.

The new price for an annual 4Sight subscription is £99, making it an affordable home automation add-on.

Find out more about Control4 products today and enjoy an automated living experience.

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