What is Lutron Lighting Control?

Lighting is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of transforming your property, ensuring every space and angle looks as good as it possibly can. With Lutron, you can control the light in every area of your home through the single touch of a button on your smart device or specialised remote. If you’re considering a new intelligent lighting control system for your property, here are just a few examples why Lutron is the solution of choice. 

Create Your Own Ambience

Lutron lighting gives you the freedom to change the atmosphere of your entire property, remotely adjusting lighting and shading with precision. Exterior lighting can highlight your property’s most attractive features, while interior shading and dimmers help you set your tone of choice with ease. Whether you’re creating the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests, or choosing the right setting for relaxing in comfort, the power is in your hands. This includes creating optimal lighting conditions for both home and office working, thereby promoting a productive working environment that reduces glare from screens and provides privacy when needed.

Convenience and Control

Luton’s automated lighting system for homes will not only change the way you view and experience your property, it also offers an industry-leading level of personalisation and convenience to match your every need. With a single remote control – whether it be your smartphone or other handheld device – you can make lighting adjustments on the move. Clever features like an “All Off” button means you can turn off your home’s lights from the comfort of your bed.

You can even create bespoke lighting settings for separate rooms around your home, setting an individual identifier for each of your home’s different spaces and functions. Multi-room control allows you to create a seamless transition between these different areas, creating a personalised journey through your property.

An Energy Saving Solution

Introducing energy-saving measures to your home is an investment for the future and one that is likely to increase your property’s value. With homeowners becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, a whole-home system that lets you regulate and save energy is a major selling point.

Lutron lighting control combines wireless dimmers and shading solutions for the latest innovations in intelligent lighting, consuming only a fraction of the energy compared to more traditional lighting systems. Lutron’s dimmers and bulbs expend less energy even on full brightness, while those dimmed by a small amount can reduce energy usage by an impressive 40%.

Safety and Security

For both domestic and commercial property owners, security is of paramount importance. Homeowners want the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are always kept safe, while businesses seek the assurance that their assets are protected. Luton’s automated lighting system acts as visual deterrent for intruders and can also be used to brighten paths and driveways for safe navigation and accessibility. By integrating with existing security systems, Lutron intelligent lighting control can warn you of trespassers, or guide occupants to safety in the case of a fire.

To enjoy the benefits of Lutron lighting control in your home or workplace, contact New Wave AV today.

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