Bespoke cinema rooms

Nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen. The picture is crisp and clear, the sound is nuanced and immersive, and within minutes you can be lost in the action. But there are, of course, downsides to the commercial experience. The crunch of popcorn, whispered conversations or the light from mobile phones can be distracting.

If you love films but get frustrated with the commercial cinema, the solution could be your own bespoke cinema room at home. With a private space to enjoy media, you’ll have all of the benefits with none of frustrations. Here’s why home cinemas are becoming increasingly popular.

Authentic experience

Whether you’re settling down to watch the latest blockbuster or enjoy an evening of gaming, a bespoke cinema room provides a fully authentic experience. With a projector and screen, and properly calibrated audio, you can get immersed in the action in the comfort of your own home. Your cinema room installers can recommend the best products for your requirements and even hide technology to give a slick and luxurious feel to the space. You can even invest in reclining seats that come complete with cupholders and USB ports.

Outstanding audio-visual

The home cinema experience is all about quality. While it’s possible to get great results from a 4K OLED television, a 4K projector will deliver more detail, better contrast and more vibrant colour. Similarly, a state-of-the-art audio system with surround sound will ensure you don’t miss any of the nuances in the soundtrack. Put simply, you’ll see the movie exactly the way the director intended. To create the best effect, it’s essential to get a professional to design and deliver your cinema room setup, so be sure to chat to an expert when planning your space.

Facilitates socialising

If you like to spend time with friends and family but going out is not always an option, the addition of a home cinema can make socialising at home much easier. Simply invite your friends round, get some drinks and snacks, and enjoy a new release or a gaming night. There’s no-one to complain if you want to chat while you watch the film, and no-one to distract you if you want to allow yourself to be completely immersed.

Boost property value

A home cinema room can add value to your property, particularly if it’s created in a loft, basement or garage conversion. When the time comes to sell up, the addition of a properly installed home cinema will make your house stand out from the competition, attracting buyers who are looking for a touch of luxury.

Creating your ideal bespoke cinema room may be easier than you think. With the experts at New Wave AV on hand to help, you can realise your dream and enjoy all the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your home. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and book a demonstration at our showroom in Tonbridge. We cover Kent, Surrey, Essex, London and Sussex.

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