Professional Smart Home Installs

Professional smart home installs are always preferred to amateur solutions. Expert installers understand the compatibility of products and will create a set-up that can be enhanced down the line, should you want to add more features. Amateurs, on the other hand, can’t always meet the needs of clients. So let’s take a closer look at smart home systems and why seeking professional smart home install help is always a good idea.

Choosing Smart Home Specialists – Why It’s Important

Unlike gas engineers and electricians, home automation installation is unregulated. So when looking forsmart home installers near me,’ be aware that anyone with a brand name, a website and a laptop can set up their own business. This doesn’t mean they’re qualified to do a good job, however, so always do your research before hiring an installer. Reputable smart home automation specialists will typically:

  • Have a well-presented website, detailing their service and skills.
  • Be accredited by a recognised national or international body such as CEDIA.
  • Boast a series of awards and accolades.
  • Work with well-known partners such as Lutron or Artcoustic.
  • Have a showroom suitable for demonstrating smart home set-ups and products.
  • Have a portfolio of completed projects adapted to client needs.
  • Offer a tailored approach depending on client requirements and current set-up.
  • Integrate advanced smart home systems such as Control4.

Hiring an Amateur – What are the Dangers?

Professional smart home installers have worked with many clients and can make the most of your space, whether you have an eight bedroom mansion in the country or a smaller town house. Hire an amateur, however, and you could end up with a ‘smart home’ that doesn’t function as you’d hoped. Installations carried out by an amateur can be:

  • Poorly installed with no thought about layout, wiring, accessibility or plans to add more smart products in the future.
  • An overwhelmed installer might bite off more than they can chew before giving up half-way through. Unprofessional installers might claim they’ve finished the job when they haven’t to avoid admitting they can’t carry out a certain task.
  • If the devices haven’t been paired properly then they won’t work. Similarly, if the WiFi connection is not strong enough then smart devices will be slow.

How to Avoid Choosing an Amateur Installer

When choosing a smart home installer, always be smart. Check to see how long a specific company has been in operation and read reviews of their work. You should also request a consultation so that you can meet the team. This will give you a clearer idea about their professionalism, knowledge and experience. Ask to see their accreditations and portfolio too before you go ahead with your smart home project.

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